Wednesday, June 1, 2011

B&W and Shades of Grey (Edit...I almost forgot one)

We have a few really nice black and white spotted lambs to choose from this year.  The only one I knew for sure would be spotted is Mapleton Hope's daughter.  She is precious and very correct.  Her sire is Spring Hill patches, who is modified so she could carry the modifier.  She is for sale, as I have her mom and her Aunt Dessie in my flock.  She sooo cute though...I try not to look at her too much so I don't get attached.  Priced at $350 as a single, $300 if purchased with another sheep or lamb.
Then we had a nice surprise.  Swiftriver Neville AI carries spots!  I had wondered if I had "wasted" so many spot carriers on three rams I didn't know if they carried spots or not.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Twin Springs Cotton Candy had this beautiful big krunet ewe lamb.  She carries moorit.  If I would put together an ideal starter flock I would choose her, her mom (musket or fawn?), and her half sister Peanut (moorit).  That package I would price at $800.  Which I think is very reasonable considering that it includes an F2 Heights Orion.
Other Heights Orion Grandlambs:
Mapleton Peep's HST son, carries moorit.  For sale $350.
 Mapleton Carmel's twin ram lambs.  I LOVE these two.  I am keeping the ram below, well because he is also katmoget (and have already confessed that is a weakness of mine).  The ram above however is even more impressive in terms of fleece and structure, and I do love his markings.  He still reminds me of a horse colt and he  carries himself with that type of presence.  Both carry moorit from their mom.  He is also priced at $350.  The one below, born first, struggled a little at birth and I always seem to get attached to the ones I "save"...
 Which is why I am emotionally attached to Marshmello's ewe lamb below.  She spent her first night in the house if you remember that far back, it seems like so long ago.  Her sister will be featured tomorrow and is much more impressive and SHOULD be one I keep, but we have already determined that I make many decisions when it comes to my flock based on emotional attachment.  So a golden opportunity for someone else to add some really outstanding Shetlands to their breeding program.
Like Hester's ewe lamb who will be going with another ewe lamb (yet to be determined) to a new Shetland flock locally.  I almost forgot since she is spoken for.  Isn't she cool?!  Under her birth coat her fleece is coming in uper crimpy and soft!  She is by HarvestThyme Champ and may carry polled.

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