Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad night for the laying hens...

...their coop was broken into or we forgot to shut the small door of their other coop and all were killed last night.   I went from 14 layers to zero in one night.  Raccoon or fox?  Anyone know what predator would take all of them?  Piles of feathers everywhere.  Live traps set so I guess we will find out...Anyone ever order started pullets?  The thought of starting all over and raising baby anything in my mudroom at the moment is daunting.  Just as I was ready to return the rug and take back the room from the puppies.  I know that is topic is off the sales focus of that this blog was intended to be, but I guess that I needed to vent about my latest farm mishap.  The layers were 2 and 3 years old, so I guess it was time to replace them, but they all were still laying consistently.  I am sorry I failed to keep them safe.  I worry about my lambs.  The sheep  were brought into the welded wire and the outside charger with  surrounding electro net is on as a first line of defense.  In the 5 years of having the small animals here nothing has ever gone in to any fencing to take anything until now.  Best layer suggestions, I know everyone has their favorites.  I had a White Leg Horn, Buff Orpingtons, R.I. Reds, Barr Rock, Easter Eggers, Red Star, and Silver Laced Wyndotts.  I think I liked my Buffs the best.


  1. That just plain ruins a person's day, I'm so sorry Kara.
    You can purchase started pullets, but the shipping will kill you. I'd keep an eye on Craig's list, there always seems to be people that order too many chicks and they find out that there's no money in selling eggs and decideto sell the extra pullets. Good luck.

  2. We got started pullets this winter and it has worked out wonderfully, but we also have an area hatchery so I was able to pick them up (no shipping). Hope you can find some local pullets that someone wants to "destash;" it is terrible not only to lose all your hens but also to suddenly find yourself without your own fresh eggs! Hopefully you have enough stockpiled for awhile.