Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hershey and her son reunite with old friends!

 It is a bitter sweet feeling to watch her leave for a new home, but I could be happier about the home she is going to.  She and her wether son will be reunited with one of her ewe lambs from two years ago, as well as 2 wethers from last year, and 5 sheep from the year before, 2 wethers and 3 non registered Shetland ewes.  They as group make a beautiful handspinner's fiber flock with two of the nicest folks as their shepherds.  I will miss Hershey but I am so glad she will be retired from breeding.  I am also pleased she will have two of her children with her to keep her company and have the chance to get fat with her only job to grow her beautiful 12 pound fleece.  Thanks Lee and Cheryl!  Here is a photo recap of your purchases:


 Not too sure which is which but one is with this fiber flock and the other is with Hershey's bottle ewe from this year with a 4-H family (can't read tags in this photo).
Thanks again and happy SPINNING! :)


  1. Kara, Thanks for posting this and most of all thanks for the kind words. I sent this on to my sister in Maine.


  2. You are welcome. They settle in okay? Did hershey remember her daughter or the other ewes?