Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Two For Day - Spotties

I have two moorit and white lambs this year.  One or both may end up being modified.  One ewe and one ram.


Minwawe Marshmello

Did you know that Marshmello is the most viewed on my blog?  Also I know her name is spelled wrong, but that is the way she came.  I am really struggling about my decision on her...her daughter is awesome but exactly like her, a mini me if I ever saw one.  So in my reduced flock would keeping both be a duplication?  She is such an outstanding producer and seriously about the best mom possible, maybe she should continue to do so for someone else?  Would I regret letting her go?  Can I refrain from letting her have lambs every year?   I think I could let her go, but only if she goes with her friend Pearl.  They came together from MO fleeing from cougar attacks, I feel that maybe they should stay together.  So if the person considering Pearl would like to consider Marshmello, I will try to wrap my head around the idea and let you know if I can bring myself to do it.  Otherwise she will stay here with her ewe lamb.  I think every ewe that stays should be allowed to have a friend or a daughter for companionship.  My family units run strong here.  Marshmello's yearling son is for sale.  Here are a few photos of her and her lambs past and present.  Sort of a fun activity regardless.




Sunday, June 16, 2013


Seneca's son:

Lava's lambs:
 Opal's above and Peanut's below

 Opal's ram:

Seneca and Marshmello's ewe lamb:
 More of Lava's:
 Olympia's other ewe lamb
 (I think above and below is same lamb.  I better get some tags on soon!)
 Pumpkin and one of her ewe lambs
 And one more of Seneca's:

The plan

Hi all,

So here is the goal or plan if you will:  I would like to sell all rams.  Someone better come get them quick so I don't lose my resolve.  There are some very handsome rams out there.  I am afraid I might not have enough will power to not put together a breeding group, if any are left come fall.  So  the ewe plan, I would like to keep somewhere between 12-15 for my own pet/hand-spinner/foundation flock.  That being said I would like to keep a variety and I might be flexible on some availability.  For instance, I have a few adult ewes I could keep the adult or the lamb but not both.  So please inquire.  I have had some inquires about Pearl so I will post some photos of her today, and some of her lambs past and present.  I am keeping her adult and yearling daughters Opal and Topaz, and she had ram lambs this year, so no swap available with Pearl.   All sheep/lambs in photos with Pearl except when noted in caption, are her lambs from various years.  So with out further a do, some photos for you: