Saturday, August 29, 2015

Camera shy ewes and dog what on earth are you thinking?

Went out to take some photos of the ewes. Kismet  is not sure why I was following her around...


 Ba Ba black sheep...
 Peeked in ram pen to see how the youngins were getting along with the Cheviot.  This is Kismet's son, F3 Heights Orion AND F3 Drum Jings.  If I do decide to have any lambs next year, this is the ram I would use.  I might give him 2 or 3 ewes if he is still here this fall,  I will not breed more than 6 ewes total this year if I do breed any at all.  He is so handsome, he needs to be a flock sire somewhere.

 So let the girls roam during photo shoot and turned around to see this!  REALLY?!!!! This dog killed this ewe's lamb this summer.  This is so troubling on so many levels.  Is that an:  I am sorry, or a yummy lick?  AND her REALLY, is that I forgive you, I know what you did, or I am way too trusting look?  Needless to say I kept him very closely with me the rest of the time.  The lambs were not out with us nor the goats.  I really need to keep a very close eye on him!!!!!!!!!!