Thursday, June 30, 2011

More of the same

 Just Shetlands in my flock now (and one cross bred wether that is destined for the freezer so he doesn't count).  Spooky and her other lamb sold.  The Shetland ram lambs are maturing very nicely.  I love the black and white one of Peep's below.  Other Shetland news, the possible poll carrying ewes of Opal's and Hester's look like they are going to Tennessee.  Edit here: transportation Opal's and Hester's are still available for anyone lookng for some nice poll carriers.
 Just Red Stars in my laying flock...the folks that bought Spooky brought be a few year old hens and started pullet chick to go with the started pullet I had tucked in the barn.  My friend's kid's class had hatched her and she came here to live.  None are laying right now but hopefully sooner than if I had to start chicks over myself.  The yearlings are just finishing molting so I am hopeful.  Still have a few eggs in the fridge to tide us over.

 Pigs just two this year...Tamworth Hereford crosses to raise for our table.
 Goats...just Saanens.  Two for sale.  Either the kids or the buck and buckling.  I would like to keep Whistle and either her daughter OR Watson.
 The buckling is for sale either way and he is very handsome.

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