Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Update

9 Shetlands bred to Cheviot ram for meat cross May lambs.
I never did put the Shetland breeding group together, so 4 Shetland ewes and 3 ewe lambs are still open.
1 very nice quality Shetland ram for sale.  He has a double dose of UK with Heights Orion on one side and Drum Jings the other.  Could be sold with any of the adult ewes as a starter flock.  The other two Shetland ram lambs I plan to grow out for the freezer.

I really, really, really am  getting ready to move the majority of my remaining flock on.  Being a shepherd is just not fitting in with everything else in my life at the moment.  My parents are elderly and my kids are tween and teens, and I am transitioning from being a stay at home mom and farmer who works part time to returning to work more full time.  So please call if you have any interest in any of my Shetland flock now or after the cross lambs are weaned this summer.  Almost everyone is for sale, including the three ewe lambs I was having a hard time parting with.  Willing to sell with or without registeration papers, prices vary accordingly.  My email is my first and last name at gmail.  It is disheartening a little to put together the perfectly balanced flock, colors, patterns, UK genetics, the best temperaments, the most beautiful fleeces, to reach so many of my goals for my flock,  and then to be a point I can't continue.  I have invested a lot of time and money.  I really hope there are some great homes out there that will be able to benefit from all the effort.  A few of the older girls can stay to be weed eaters.  Serious inquires only.

Kara Mapstone

photo:  Spring 2015 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Deal of the Day

You don't want a ram of your own?  I am willing to sell 3 bred ewes for $1,000 dollars bred to the handsome ram lamb above.  He is a F2 Drum Jings, and a F3 Heights Orion. You just have to select the ewes, and make a deposit before Halloween.  That is when I begin to put my breeding groups together.  I don't want to breed too many Shetlands this year for myself, so please let me know if you have interest.  I will bred few to my Cheviot for crossbred lambs, since they have been in high demand. All of this year's are sold or spoken for.  Want to buy this ram lamb?  No problem, he is available to go to his new flock by Thanksgiving.  He is available to go before if purchased with flock starter package. There is also a moorit and another very handsome black and white ram for sale as well. Today...rams $250 each.  Second deal of the day, flock starter package 6 adult  ewes $1,200.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mapleton Farm - Shetland sheep sales

I still have many beautiful Shetland adult ewes for sale, several ram lambs, and one ewe lamb.  My foundation stock includes 16 ewes.  I really would like to cut back but only having 16 of the very favorites, and only 3 ewe lambs this year,  it is very difficult, heart wrenching actually.  Each was selected to stay for their specific contribution to my flock.  I do need and want to cut back my numbers, but with that being said, an explanation might be needed to clarify that my sales list is somewhat fluid.  For example, almost everyone is for sale, but I would like to keep a variety myself for a small handspinners flock.  So I have three black ewes, two are for sale so I can keep one.  In that case it is easy, one is older so I will keep her.  However, when I have two younger equally nice ewes in the same color and pattern, I might be willing to part with either or but not both. In a starter flock, it is also important that I have an opportunity to share why a particular grouping may work better than another.  One sheep might be smaller or younger or more timid and not do well in a particular mixed group.  Another pairing or group might work better because none are too pushy or too timid. The flighty ones, they are the tricky ones, some come around and others never do.  Luckily I don't have any really flighty ones at the moment.

Now on routine procedures:   Folks are more than welcome to come and pick out their sheep in person.  Actually, I much prefer that because then you know exactly what you are getting and you pick what will best fit your needs.  Selection from photos is difficult. The thing that is more difficult is that out of state sales require a CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection) on the specific sheep that are crossing NY state lines.   So, I have bought and sold sheep sight unseen.  Most of the time I have been very lucky and it has worked wonderfully.  If you are out of state and want to come look one day, maybe I can prearrange for the vet to meet us here to do that certificate but I would need a deposit to cover the vet call.  Another solution would be to plan a two day trip, there are some wonderful B&B's as well as hotels around here, as we are in the heart of Finger Lakes wine country.   If I have any specific sheep I am to hold for a buyer, a deposit is required.  That is non negotiable and pretty standard practice.  I will still buy and sell out of state when the situation is necessary to do so.  There is an inherent risk both parties assume in doing so.  Personally, I am glad I accepted that risk, because it has allowed me to purchase some beautiful sheep from MO, NH, MA, OH, and PA.   Lastly, I am happy to exchange emails and send photos, but at some point I need to have a phone conversation with you to discuss details.  That is also non negotiable, this is not a huge commercial farm but a small family venture.  I will consider selling bred ewes this fall as well.  Serious inquires only, good homes a must.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Camera shy ewes and dog what on earth are you thinking?

Went out to take some photos of the ewes. Kismet  is not sure why I was following her around...


 Ba Ba black sheep...
 Peeked in ram pen to see how the youngins were getting along with the Cheviot.  This is Kismet's son, F3 Heights Orion AND F3 Drum Jings.  If I do decide to have any lambs next year, this is the ram I would use.  I might give him 2 or 3 ewes if he is still here this fall,  I will not breed more than 6 ewes total this year if I do breed any at all.  He is so handsome, he needs to be a flock sire somewhere.

 So let the girls roam during photo shoot and turned around to see this!  REALLY?!!!! This dog killed this ewe's lamb this summer.  This is so troubling on so many levels.  Is that an:  I am sorry, or a yummy lick?  AND her REALLY, is that I forgive you, I know what you did, or I am way too trusting look?  Needless to say I kept him very closely with me the rest of the time.  The lambs were not out with us nor the goats.  I really need to keep a very close eye on him!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday - ewes of the day

Topaz (yuglet flecket grey) and her daughter Diamond (white) are both for sale. Registered $500 for the pair.  F2 and F3 Heights Orion.  Diamond is also F2 Drum Jings.

Marshmello's daughter Freckles is a carbon copy of her mom, so she is also for sale.  She is a black based white spot that will also carry moorit. $275

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ready to Go!

Hi all,

Well I did have later lambs this year but they are ready to go.  I have adult ewes, one ewe lamb and several ram lambs for sale.  Please inquire  if you have any interest.  Really need to reduce my numbers so discounts on multiple purchases and cash and carry.  Looking for a fiber flock, can sell a brown, black, and white ewe as a starter flock.  Ram lambs can also be sold with unrelated adult ewe.  Cheviot ram for sale as well.  Have had your eye on a particular ewe of mine that you don't see pictured?  Make an offer.  At this point almost everyone is for sale.  The flock is just too much for me right now due some family obligations and situations.  I'd rather not get into specifics, but it would really help me out to free up some of my time to attend to those situations.  So please if have interest in giving a few of my sheep a good home you can email me at OR call me at three one five two four three two zero four eight.  There really are some beautiful sheep out there.  UK genetics in a variety of colors and patterns.  This is my last Shetland lamb crop for the foreseeable future.  I might start back up sometime down the road but it may be awhile. So this is the last chance to add a Mapleton sheep to your flock so get them while they last!

Best, Kara

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A word on Pricing

Pricing is something I always struggle with.  So here is my philosophy:  I base my current prices on what I paid for my breeding stock, and what I traditionally have gotten for my sheep.  I always fret when I see "fire" sale pricing for a variety of reasons.  One, everyone has been there at some point and we really shouldn't judge as we all might have a need to do the same someday.  Two, I don't want to undercut fellow breeders that have worked very hard as well.  Three, I don't want to sell myself short.  Four, I want to be fair to my customers.  Five, I want good homes for my Shetlands...these are not culls.  If I was to sell them at bottom prices, I might as well sell them at auction.  But with all those contradictions aside, if you feel you want to make an offer and you can provide a good home, please feel free to make an offer.  All reasonable offers will be considered.  These are healthy, friendly, in many cases proven sheep.  All Shetlands are registered or can be.  If you want a pet or handspinner flock, without papers,  the prices may be less depending on your selection.