Friday, April 30, 2010

Dairy Goat for sale

I am keeping Lilly.  So Glory is for sale, available at weaning.  She is a total sweetheart but not easy to milk and needs someone more experienced than us to milk her or someone that has a machine set up.  She would also make an excellent brood doe for someone looking to add to their breeding stock.  She singled this year but has had quads in the past and is a good mom.  Great with other goats, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, and loves attention. CAE and Johnes negative.  Tested twice in the last 6 months with two different testing instruments.   I am asking $200 or best offer.  To a good home only.  She a registered Nubian but I have not recieved her papers from her former owner, but I can pursue it it you are interested.  Inquire for more information.  Glory is returning home to her former owner! :)  Life is good for Glory!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rammie Lambies

Here are a few more pictures of some of the ram lambs available for sale.  Twins by Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Pearl.

Minwawe Marshmello also gave me twin ram lambs.  The mostly white one is genetically grey or black, hard to tell at this point but I am leaning toward grey.  The moorit and white ram lamb next to him in the first picture is out of this lamb's sister from last year.   More pictures of the moorit and whites tomorrow.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well it is time to begin to put together my sales list.  I haven't quite decided which of the flecket ram lambs I am going to keep, but I am thinking about  Serendippity's HST ram that leaves two spotted ram lambs for sale at this time.
Also for sale is Minwawe Cha Cha below. (SOLD). She is moorit but carries spots and could be sold with a ram as a breeding pair.  I am retaining her HST ewe lamb and her moorit son is sold.  She is for sale for $300 alone and $550 with a ram.  Their dad Bahama has wonderful wide swept horns and these boys have great spacing, I will add pictures of them as they mature so you can see how their horns are developing.
Harvest Thyme Champ (Harvest Thyme Jammer Thyme X Windswept Savannah Grace) a yearling half poll ram with a short stapled fine fleece.  He is registered as mioget and shows golden signs but may just be a light moorit.  He will have a breeding group early fall and will be available for pick up by November 21st.  His price is $250.
I have one Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb for sale $150...the larger one.  The other is sold.
Check back often, as other decisions are made in terms of our own flock, additions will be added to this sales list.  A few of the fleckets are being considered for trades with other flocks, as those flocks make their decisions there will also be additions to this list.  If you see something you are interested in and it is not on this list, please feel free to inquire.

Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Ewe Lambs

Modified smirslet ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Pike Hill Olympia) SOLD!

Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb SOLD!

Corriedale/Finn/Dorset/Shetland ewe lamb SOLD!
Modified or Moorit krunet ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Twin Springs Cotton Candy)
Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb

The following ewe lambs are being retained for further evaluation and may remain in our flock:
Black and white ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Serendippity).  Sale pending on her she may be retained in her place.

Grey katmoget ewe lamb with muddy lips! (Mapleton Zeus and High Bid Hester)

Moorit and white & possibly fawn and white yuglet flecket twin ewe lambs - I am having a really hard time choosing between them (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Sprinkles) SOLD

Moorit and white HST ewe lamb (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Cha Cha)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last lamb of 2010

Ram lamb number 11.  He is by Mapleton Rip Tide and out of Mapleton Peep.  He is related to most of my ewes so he will be offered for sale.  Moorit and white yuglet flecket.  SOLD

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ram Lambs - Something for Everyone

Black ram lamb (High Bid Hester X Mapleton Zeus) SOLD

Moorit ram lamb (Minwawe Cha Cha X Minwawe Bahama) SOLD

Moorit ram lamb (Mapleton Violet X Mapleton Zeus) SOLD

Moorit ram lamb (Pike Hill Olympia X Minwawe Bahama) SOLD

Moorit and white yuglet flecket (Minwawe Marshmello X Minwawe Bahama) SOLD
twin below black and white yuglet flecket SOLD

                             Smirslet sokket twin ram lambs (Minwawe Pearl X Minwawe Bahama)
Last but not least a moorit and white HST (feel free to help me name his markings)
Minwawe Serendippity X Minwawe Bahama

So the question is who to keep, who to sell as a ram, and who to wether.  I have interest in 2 or 3 of these fine boys as wethers.  So speak up soon if you are looking for a ram and are considering one to add to your flock.  Unfortunately most are related to my foundation ewes so I am somewhat limited on who I can keep. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

More lamb pictures

High Bid Hester had twin lambs:  ewe katmoget NFS and ram black with a tiny bit of white on his head, indicating he may carry spots is for sale. He is big, extremely well built, wonderfully soft with lots of luster.  Please inquire if interested.  These lambs are by Mapleton Zeus.
Minwawe Marshmello and Minwawe Pearl's sets of twin ram lambs.  Most likely all these boys will be for sale.  Their sire is Bahama.

Minwawe Cha Cha's ram lamb below.  Very nice solid moorit.  For sale.
From left to right Mapleton Violet's morrit ram lamb, Pike Hill Olympia's moorit (fawn?) twins.  Ewe lamb in center and ram lamb darker on right.  These three are likely to be for sale.  I am trying not to keep too many this year and all three are closely related to others I have kept in the past.
Minwawe Sprinkles twin ewe lambs.  I will likely keep one of these ewe lambs...but how to choose between them is going to be almost impossible!
Still waiting on Mapleton Peep, bred to Mapleton Rip Tide.  Then lambing will be complete for 2010.  As of today the count is 10 ewe lambs and 10 ram lambs.   More updated pictures of the other lambs coming soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots more lambs!

Mapleton Violet's moorit ram lamb above.  Sire is Mapleton Zeus.
Minwawe Marshmello had twin ram lambs.  Both yuglet flecket, one brown based and one black based.
Minwawe Pearl also had twin ram lambs.  One or both may be Ag. 
Minwawe Cha Cha had twin lambs, one solid moorit ram and a moorit and white ewe lamb pictured above.  Below we have Minwawe Serendippity's twin lambs, also a ram and ewe.  Both spotted, the ewe is the black and white.  All lambs are by Minwawe Bahama if not otherwise specified.
Only two ewe left to lamb.  High Bid Hester bred to Mapleton Zeus and Mapleton Peep bred to Mapleton Rip Tide.