Friday, May 28, 2010

New Roving!

A new shipment of roving arrived from the mill.  The off-white is musket/white Shetland (Marshmello and Peep) & Alpaca blend.  The one below it going clockwise is Katmoget 100% Shetland (Zeus and Carmel).  The fawn is gully/kat combo of Shetlands Olympia and Opal & fawn Alpaca.  The light grey is a little bit on the taupe side because it is Shetland Cotton Candy musket or fawn/Pearl grey/and rosegrey Alpaca.
Sample skein of the fawn Shetland/Alpaca blend.
I still have white, black, various shades of brown, and various shade of grey and katmoget roving in blends of Alpaca, Mohair, and 100% Shetland available.  I have yarn in black and brown Shetland/ Alpaca, White in Cheviot/Alpaca, and grey in Corriedale X /Alpaca.  I have raw fleece in white (Cheviot) and black and brown Shetland fleeces available.  Click on the labels to see pictures of these items.  If interested inquire on pricing.  Prices varies depending on color and blend, and fleece (lamb vs. adult).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sale Update

I have just a few more for sale for 2010. 

A Cheviot/Shetland ewe lamb.  Great for a crossbreeding flock.  $150 
I have a few more Shetland rams available, lambs and yearlings.  The first pictured is a moorit and white yuglet flecket.  My personal favorite.  Great conformation.  (Mapleton Rip Tide X Mapleton Peep) $350 SOLD!

Moorit and White smirslet sokket. ( Minwawe Bahama X Minwawe Pearl)

This ram lamb is still not wethered yet but can be.   He is awesome in every way but...his tail is longer than I like.  Pearl's other twin.  He is available as a ram if you speak up soon, without papers or as a wether for $150 or $100 if purchased with a ram. Would be a great companion for his brother that has a perfect tail.  He will be a light moorit or fawn as an adult. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

 Marshmello's SOLD!

 Pearl's (For Sale)

Monday, May 3, 2010

More on the Moorit and White Ram Lambs

This yuglet flecket ram lamb of Marshmello's by Bahama  is very impressive.  I have many of his half sisters and his mom, so I am offering this fine ram for sale.  His mom is Ag grey but his half sister Sprinkles is a very light moorit.  I think if this boy goes light at all it will be more likely he will be a fawn color and not signs of Ag at this time.  Right now he remains very dark but I will update any color changes as they occur.  He is for sale for $350. SOLD!
Ah and my biggest challenge of this lambing season is choosing between these two moorit and white spotted ram lambs.  I don't know what you would call the ram below with only a few white spots on his body, he is not quite flecket is he?  He is yuglet, sokket, bielset, and maybe even bronget...or do I just call him flecket and it covers it all?   His dad is the full brother the ram above.  And would you call those socks sokket or brandet because they start brown and then are white?  He is yuglet and bielset...I think.  Please correct me if I am wrong!  Both are brown based, the one below is very dark, maybe even dark brown.