Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Update

Hi all,

I did not breed my ewes this year, yet, and don't think I will.  I do have some lovely sheep and last year lambs for sale.  I have kept my winter numbers stable over the past few years but really want to scale back even further.  My asthma has been really awful lately, so really need health wise to figure out what can give.  Unfortunately, it is the sheep.  Currently, I have three white ewe lambs, and two white ram lambs, all F2 Drum Jings for sale.  I would be willing to entertain the idea of letting a few adult ewes go as well but only as a package deal, pair, or with one of white lambs.  I want to keep a spinner/pet flock so it is about numbers, as well as variety, and somewhat about the favorites.  I could for example offer Hester (B) , Peanut (b), and Marshmello (Ag), with an unrelated (Awt) ram lamb.  That would give someone three really beautiful experienced moms that should continue to be moms, a variety of colors, and some really beautiful fleece.  A good home a must, they are not culls!  They are actually some of the favorites, but I just feel they should be part of a breeding flock.  I think I may take a few years off, and I have all of their daughters to take their place when and if I am ready to gear back up.  I also have two other ewes that would make nice pets.  One is a black yearling ewe, great temperament and conformation, fleece not the best.  The other is a moorit and white ewe lamb that is still smaller than her peers.  I think I need to separate her from the flock and start graining her, as she is not assertive when I feed the flock.  Low in the hierarchy and has grown as such.  If I did that, that would leave me with a dozen ewes and a ram, and maybe I would keep one wether as a companion for the ram.  That would be about right for me at this time.  Please inquire.  Prices negotiable to the right homes.  Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Couniting my Sheep...

One, two, rams pictured plus one more white ram makes three ram lambs.  The white rams are for sale.
 Six...all three of these white ewe lambs are for
 Eight, Nine
 Ten, Eleven
 Fourteen (wether)
 Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen (not pictured)
 Twenty...corbon copy mom not pictured...Twenty-one
Twenty five (my other moorit adult ewe, Peanut, was missed in the photo session)
Okay I already counted these two but I just liked the picture.
Twenty five is still more that I would like to have in my flock at this point.  I was able to hold my flock size steady but not reduce it.  No one has been bred YET but I could offer a few select bred adult ewes if anyone was interested, I would be willing to put a few ewes in with a ram lamb of your choice for a few weeks. I am debating on if I want to put a few in a breeding group for myself, for May or June lambs.  Prices are very negotiable at this point of the year, consider it my winter sale or holiday special.  I could put together a starter flock that would be a great Christmas present!  Serious inquires only.  You may email me at karamapstoneATgmailDOTcom