Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall 500

Well I am willing to sell an adult ewe, and ram pair for $500 this fall.  That is quite a deal.  I have some really lovely rams that need a flock of their own.   I would also sell you two rams for $500 or the two adult ewes for $500, or all 4 wethers for $500.
 The two ram lambs above, a modified black gulmoget and a solid black ram that carries moorit, are available immediately.  The rams below have a little work to do before they leave, so anytime after Nov. 21st, they could be made available.  All ram lambs born here are F2 Heights Orion.  The white ram ram is an F2 Drum Jings from Autumn Breezes Acres in PA.  The half poll has Harvest Thyme, Lil' Country Acres, Windswept, and Pike Hill lines.

 The ewes available are Minwawe Pearl:
 And Mapleton Peanut Brittle (High Bid Kermit X Twin Springs Cotton Candy)
In other news, Scooby continues to be adjusting well to his new home.  Here he is in the center of the group.

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Pony

Okay so I went and got him anyhow.  He needed a good home and I could provide it so meet Scooby.  Amish school bus in his younger years.  Now just in need of a good pasture and some TLC.  He is 20 something, 12 hands high, and rides and drives.  The other horses and ponies have accepted him without incident.  I turned him out in the riding ring next to the back pasture where they could see each other first, that where he is pictured in the second photo.  The horses like him, which is great sign.  Over the years I have learned those two are pretty good judge of character.  All ponies and horses they hated, didn't get to stay here long (for every one's safety).  The ponies accepted him too, as long as he keeps his distance from "Pudge's pony mare" all is good.  Scooby is fine with that.  Food Pudge will share, but not Whinny.  Glad Scooby passed their acceptance test with flying colors.  Hope to get him working lightly soon, letting him settle in first.  I will keep you updated and will post a picture of the 5 of them together.   Sheep post soon too, I promise.  Still have some nice rams and wethers for sale.