Monday, June 6, 2011

Change of plans...a different ewe lamb selected...

 A new Shetland flock is starting locally.  From the pictures they had selected the ewe lamb below.  When they came to pick out the second lamb, Violet and her daughter (above) decided that they were going to make the selection easy on the new shepherds and wormed themselves into their hearts!   The ewe below is actually Violet's half sister.  She is by HarvestThyme Champ and could be a poll carrier, from Champ, or Hester, or both.  She is now offered for sale.
I took some good photos over the weekend.  I will post a few over the next few days.  Starting with  Dessie's twins:
 Fawn katmoget ram lamb and moorit ewe lamb.
It is Monday!  Anyone want to make an offer on any lambs, sheep, goats, or puppies?!


  1. Hey...would you trade a reg angora buck for your spotted ewe lamb out of Hester and Champ? Thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Voni

  2. If I still had my Angoras does I would consider it. As it is I don't even know if I want my dairy goats anymore. I prefer sheep. She is a neat looking ewe. Opal and Champ's are pretty ewes too.

  3. Oh and the gul/kat could carry the polled gene.

  4. How much are you asking for Hester and Champs ewe and Opal and Champ's ewe lambs? You can email me off list at I might have emailed you before. How old are these girls right now?