Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mapleton Confetti - FOR SALE

Confetti is still available. $350 SOLD!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Availability Status - REVISED

Minwawe Cha Cha has been taken off the sales list until I find out the status of breeding Serendippity in the fall. The only reason I was going to let her go was because I had Serendipppity...but not I will have to wait and see. They are by the same ram, and out of twin sisters. Her ewe lamb is sold and is outstanding! Duet is not spoken for as well so I might just hold on to Cha Cha for one more breeding season.
Spooky's twins still for sale. Gaining well with extrodinary build. Priced to go as pets, crossbreeding flock, 4 -H project, or for handspinners. If they end up as feeder lambs, they will go in our own freezer. Ram will be banded this weekend for sure if there is no interest in him as a ram. Ewe lamb sold - ram lamb now a wether.
Other updates: sales pending on Duet and Bahama. Wouldn't know two people wanted Duet in the same day. Once a deposit has been made I will reserve those sheep for those buyers. Only one Moorit and white ram lamb still available. The grey, kat, yuglet, flecket is now available for $400 (SOLD , going with Duet and Bahama).