Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patterned Shetland Lambs - Kats, Gullies,Gul/Kat

 In addition to Dessie's moorit ewe lamb, she has a beautifully horned fawn ram lamb.  He is really nice and flock sire material.  He will carry spots from his mom.  His dad is Mapleton Zeus and his pattern originated from Enfield Greyling.

Sprinkles had twin katmoget lambs, a ram and ewe pictured above.  The ewe lamb is spotted and loves me and since I placed Sprinkles on the sales list, this ewe lamb is staying right here.  The ram is for sale at this time but I really like him so wouldn't be disapointed to winter him over as a possible replacement for Zeus.  He is available however as a flock sire.  Very nice soft uniform fleece, conformationally correct, and horns are looking very good at this time.

 Violet's ram lamb will be best as a wether I think.  He has a beautiful soft dense fleece that is a dark grey underneath, but he has a horrid tail and is pathetically friendly.  Ideal makings for  a fiber pet or ram companion.  I don't like to see the friendly ones go in the freezer.  His price is $125 non registered ram to grow out or wether.
 Quchee's twin ewe lambs.  Both stunning.  One a fawn gul/kat which means every lamb that she will ever have will be a katoget or a gulmoget.  The other a brown based gulmoget.  Not sure yet if she will be moorit, or lighter.  She very well may be modified so fawn or mioget?  I think we may keep one of these lambs.  I am leaning toward the gully since I am so kat heavy...surprisingly.  Either way one of these fine ewe lambs is for sale for $350.  As with all gullies, there is a chance that they carry the polled gene, I do believe Quechee is a least a half poll.  The pattern tracking back to Roban Dillion, who also carried the polled gene in addition to the gulmoget pattern.
 Which bring us to the other half or full polled gullies in the lamb crop.  HarvestThyme Champ (mioget half poll) is the dad.  Olympia's spotted moorit ewe above, who yes you guessed it is staying here.  Hester's ram (yes I am going with him being recessively gulmoget despite people saying that is impossible).  I saw Hester lamb so I really truly know that this lamb is hers.  Since he is one of kind or fluke he will be staying for some test breeding, if not this year, next. 
 And Olmpia's son and yes he is as crimpy and soft as he looks.   He will also be staying.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Solid" Moorit and Black

 Pearl and Neville's ewe lamb

 Peanut and Neville's ewe lamb

 Violet and Zeus' ewe lamb

 Dessie and Zeus' ewe lamb

 Peep and Neville's ram lamb

Patterns, modified, and spots featured later in the week.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pasture Shuffle

 Sheep really pleading their case that it is time to move.
Ponies busting out of their paddock and loose in the yard.  Okay, okay, I get the message.  So I moved some electro net for the rams, replaced some split rails, moved the sheep to the back pasture, and gave the horses back the whole north pasture.  The horses have access to their paddock and barn from this pasture.  Less turn out of me.  The sheep spent the night out back and will continue to do so for a little bit.  Needless to say everyone is happy.  Well maybe not the goats...they are still in the barn.  The ate my garden starts and attacked the fruit trees when I let them loose for some browsing time...not what I intended them to browse on! I will work on their new location this week.  I think the  kids are old enough to handle eletronet now.

Click to enlarge the photo above.  Does that horse look 18 years old to you? He is why I want less sheep.  I want more time to ride!  I need more time in general.

F2 HST anyone!?

Cheviot/Shetland cross wethers growing well.   Can be weaned anytime for those of you considering the Cheviot.

This ram lamb photo cracks me up with his little "soul" patch spot and wink!  This handsome fellow is sold but he still has some half siblings for sale and a twin sister.  More lamb photos tomorrow.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Puppies and Storm

 Only two puppies left to sell.  The male above and female below.

Finn & Rosie
Mapleton Storm - SOLD!
Come August Storm will have a flock of Shetland ewes of his own!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Assorted sheep photos

The flock making a case for me to move their electro-net as they see me approach the charger...

 Minwawe Sprinkles...this ewe is for sale ONLY because her daughter is her carbon copy and we are more emotionally attached to her.  Sprinkles is a fantastic mom and has fabulous lambs.  I am keeping her spotted katmoget ewe lamb from this year and her ram lamb is equally stunning.  He is currently for sale but if he doesn't sell he may just replace his father in my flock.
 Carmel's ram lamb standing and his sister cousins ewe lambs of Peanut's are laying down.  Peanut is for sale so I may keep one or both of her lambs.  Carmel and Peanut are triplet sisters...the ram is for sale.  I am keeping his spotted katmoget twin.  All these lambs are by Neville so are F2 Heights Orions.
Also by Neville...Marshmello's twin ewe lambs. The ewe above looks like she may be modified...possibly fawn...does not look Ag.  The ewe below is grey and I have to confess I absolutely love her.  So much so I am contemplating letting her replace Pearl as the grey in my flock.  I do love my pretty Pearl.  Maybe I will keep both.  Any sheep I end up with at the end of season I won't be disappointed in.  I really love them all right now.  The lamb crop exceeded my expectations and I am happy with my foundation flock.  It is simply about numbers.  I would like to get down to 10 adult sheep and a half a dozen lambs to winter over to select from.
That being said there are only a few that are off the table in terms of availability (and strickly for emotional reasons) and I will be happy with what ever ten I end up with, as long as I retain a variety of colors and patterns.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pearl's Black Ewe Lamb

In this year's lamb crop I got three beautiful solid black ewe lambs.  All so much a like I have to see which ewe they are nursing from to tell them apart.  I better get them tagged before their mom's decide to start to wean them.  Hopefully this weekend we will get that done.  This is Pearl and Neville's ewe, so an F2 Heights Orion.  She is stunningly beauiful with a soft consistent fleece, perfect tail, correct conformation and I just love her wooly poll and cheeks.  I plan to keep one black ewe lamb.  If Peanut sells, I will keep her lamb as a replacement, so more than likely the lamb above will be for sale.  Her twin brother is going to Cape Cod!  She will carry spots from Pearl.  She is priced at $300.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Rammies

The boys I have right now are such good boys to EVERYONE:

 Sisters (Dessie above and twin Hope below)
 Sharing a pasture line.
Best of all they are good to their people, very polite respectful boys.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Make me a Deal Mondays

There a few things I am quite certain of:

1.  I have too many sheep and goats
2.  I am emotionally attached to all said sheep and goats
3.  I am very unconfortable pricing and taking money from people:  a) because I don't want to ask too much and not be able to sell them.  b) because I don't want to ask too little and not find them good homes, have them end up on dinner tables, or undercut fellow breeders and make them mad ( you all know how much I don't like conflict).  c) See one and two.


On Mondays, if there are critters of mine that you are interested in and have been watching, make me an offer, explain to me your plans for the critter and how it will be cared for, and we will see what we can do.  All reasonable offers considered.

Then there were 4...well 3...

These are the last four puppies still here. The patterned pup, Finn, is the one we are keeping.  So we have two liver males with white on their chest still available.  The other is a solid liver female.  All are kennel trained and love just hanging out on the porch on nice days like today.  They are so sweet and very smart.  Hope to find them homes as good as the other puppies have found.  Each family seems absolutely perfect for the puppy they chose, I couldn't be more pleased.

Sunday, May 22, 2011