Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flock Starter Packages Available

Over the past few years my flock has grown.  I have keep lambs.  I have gathered sheep from a variety of states and brought in UK genetics with Neville.  I really love the results I got this lambing season.  Now I am faced with an interesting problem.  I like too many and I have too many.  So I am letting sheep go that I never would have imagined I would part with and offering some of the best lambs ever born here for sale.  I simply need to simplify.  I take care of all the critters here pretty much all myself, with the occasional fencing/tractor work or jobs that really require more than one person.  I have a few little helpers that help on occasion but really it comes down to just me.  I actually moved 4 rams the other day by myself.  Not the smartest idea, but they are all good boys.  I just got tired of waiting for help and they really wanted back outside.  As I have said with this many sheep, not having a herding dog is problematic.  I am allergic to most herding dogs. is time to downsize.  I have pups still left to sell as well.  A goat about to have her kids.  Spring sports season in full swing.  A garden to think about planting if it ever stops raining.  Working part time.  Would love to get my horses in shape and ride a little more often, maybe even go to a show. And yes don't even get me started talking about how behind on the laundry I have found myself again.  I guess I am just feeling the pressure of it all.  So that is good for you.  I am offering deep discounts on starter flocks if you buy 3 or more sheep. Please check the Sales tab at the top of this page.  Inquire for details and pricing.  Speaking of all that, I better get working.  I will leave with a few photos my sister took while she was visiting.
 F2 Heights Orion rams
Lilly is still looking for a new home.  Whistle's kids are due at any moment.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Liver German Shorthaired Pointers

 The five puppies left to sell are all solid or almost solid liver.  Some have a little white on their chest and/or toes.  The have beautiful coloring, ranging from almost a milk chocolate to a dark chocolate color...all are considered "liver."  They all are very sweet, like their beautiful mama Rose.  When I looked for Rose I specifically looked for a solid GSP.  Now I hope others looking for solid find us, as we have some really beautiful ones to choose from.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puppy Update

Five weeks old today!  They are getting big!  Here are a few of the boys.  I have some folks coming today to choose between these three cuties.  Four of the females are already spoken for. We are keeping a male. So there will most likely be 3 females and 2 males still available after today.  All mostly solid liver, a few with a little white on their chest and toes.  They are getting so playful these days and get so excited every time someone walks in to the mudroom where they currently reside.  Very sweet personalities on them all.   Needless to say they have been very well loved around here and a lot of fun to have around.  It is been very nice meeting all the wonderful families that have come to see them and reassuring to know they will all have such good homes. The boy in the middle is sold!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Start of the lamb sales list...

...Okay I am not 100% sure who we are keeping but I have narrowed it down to about a dozen Shetland lambs.  I would like to keep only half or less than that but we will see.  So many nice lambs to choose from.  So I will start with lambs, like the adult ewes, that are similar to something we already have or family lines that we are heavy in.

~ Mapleton Peep's twin ram lambs F2 Heights Orion ~ 
For sale

 ~Minwawe Pearl's twin lambs, HST moorit ram and black ewe lamb.~
For Sale F2 Sale Pending....heading for the beach! :)
 ~Mapleton Carmel Apple's HSt black ram lamb.~
For Sale F2
 ~Twin Springs Cotton Candy's black krunet ewe lamb.~
For Sale F2
 ~ Minwawe Pearl's moorit ewe.~
For Sale F2

~ Mapleton Destiny's twin lambs, fawn katmoget ram and moorit ewe lamb ~
For Sale

~ Minwawe Sprinkles had twin fawn katmogets:  ram For Sale

~Mapleton Violet had twins, a black ewe and a grey katmoget ram~
For Sale

 Mapleton Hope's ewe lamb: For Sale
Possible poll carriers
 ~High Bid Hester's ewe lamb~
For Sale Reserved for Oaks Corners! :)
 ~Mapleton Opal's twin ewe lamb~
For Sale
So that is a start.  I wanted the folks that were thinking about lambs from me to be able to make their selections.  It may take me a while to make my final decisions.  I honestly like them all!  Not a bad problem to have I suppose.  Give me a shout if you want me to save you something in particular.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Delema! The Start of the Sales List

You know the problem with having too many nice sheep?  You get too many nice lambs...and you end up having to sell ones you never thought you would.  Unless you have unlimited resources and unlimited land, that is just not practical.  I also move my sheep with out a proper herding dog, although my GSP usually helps I am not letting her near them at the moment because of her own pups.  I am allergic to most longer haired dogs that herding dogs seem to be.  If you have a short haired border collie and want to trade for a GSP puppy let me know.  Since that is not likely to happen, I need my flock to be small enough to want to follow me with a little grain.  So I have been working on my sales list.  It is really hard and the only way I can see to do it is to try cut back on sheep that I have something very similar to in my flock or high concentrations of their lines.  Which puts some favorites on the list, but it is getting to the point where they are almost all favorites.  Some I NEVER thought I could part with, but I can't keep them all.  So without further ado here is a quick list of the adult and yearlings and one goat doe available for sale, available immediately unless otherwise indicated:


- Mapleton Bella (Minwawe Bahama X Minwawe Cha Cha) yearling

- Mapleton Peanut (High Bid Kermit X Twin Springs Cotton Candy) available after weaning, 2 year old

- Minwawe Sprinkles (Minwawe Cupid 2 X Minwawe Marshmello) available after weaning, 3 year old

- Twin Springs Cotton Candy (Twin Springs Gideon X Twin Springs Gemma) available with ewe lamb at her side or after weaning. 5 year old

- Spring Hill Patches (Twin Springs Buster X Twin Springs Juniper) yearling

- Mapleton Storm (Minwawe Bahama X Minwawe Serendippity) yearling

- Mapleton Zeus (Mapleton Cooper X Pike Hill Olympia) available October 21st
2 year old

- Swiftriver Neville AI (Heights Orion X Swiftriver Thistle) available November 21st
3 year old

- 2006 American Cheviot Sheep Society Registered ewe (Green MMG 347 ST 1021) available after weaning, 5 year old

- Corriedale crossbred ewe Hershey, 5 year old (might be going with son to one of my favorite fiber flocks!)

- Nubian yearling doe Lilly

In terms of the lambs, we are still making our selections.  The nice thing is that they were almost all born with a spare so even if I decide to keep one twin, the other is most likely going to be for sale.  The exception being Quechee and Olympia's lambs...we have to let them grow a little before deciding on them.  I certainly don't NEED to keep 4 gully lambs but just not able to choose between them yet.  Both single black and white ewe lambs are for sale. So please inquire if you see something you like as you watch them grow on the this blog.  Flock starter packages available.

Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Lamb Page Updated for easy reference!

More photos from Yesterday

 Hester and Champ's twins, ram above and ewe below.  Maybe modidied black and may carry polled.
 A few of the older boys:
 Left to right...Marshmello's, Dessie's, and Violet's.
 Quechee and Zeus' twin ewe lambs, gully above and gul/kat below.  May also carried polled.
 Cotton Candy and Neville's ewe lamb.
 Sprinkles and Zeus' katmoget ram lamb.
 Hershey's ram lamb below who she has begun to feed on her own.  I gave twin sis away to a prior customer for a bottle baby...she actually joined a flock that has her two year old sister.
 Dessie and Zeus' elegant moorit ewe lamb.
Okay I am working on my sales list and lamb thing for sure is that I will have moorit ewe lambs, black ewe lambs, katmoget ram lambs, Spotted F2 ram lambs, fully horned and possible poll carriers,  with a variety of soft fleece types to choose from.  Some adult ewes will also be for sale.  Flock starter packages prices available as well.  Inquire for more details or check back as they will be posted soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Day Out with the Whole Crew

 Olympia's ram lamb
 And her ewe.
 Hope, the only yearling to lamb this year, and her adorable ewe lamb by Patches.
 Dessie and Zeus' twins...kat ram and moorit ewe
 Oh and my favorite F2 ram lamb!  Carmel and Neville's.
 One of Opal's sweet twin ewe lambs.
 Pearl and Neville's twins, HST moorit ram and black ewe.
 Sprinkles and Zeus' ewe lamb.
 Moorit ewe out of Marshmello and by Neville wearing mud lipstick.
 Pearl's again...he is SO cool!
 Peanut and Neville's twin ewe lambs.
 Carmel and Neville's other twin ram lamb...he is very cool too.
 Showing his other end.
 Marshmello's other ewe lamb.  I think she is my only Ag this year.   And what prey tell do I call her markings!?
I took a lot more pictures but I will save them for another day...will be updating 2011 lamb page soon.