Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patterned Shetland Lambs - Kats, Gullies,Gul/Kat

 In addition to Dessie's moorit ewe lamb, she has a beautifully horned fawn ram lamb.  He is really nice and flock sire material.  He will carry spots from his mom.  His dad is Mapleton Zeus and his pattern originated from Enfield Greyling.

Sprinkles had twin katmoget lambs, a ram and ewe pictured above.  The ewe lamb is spotted and loves me and since I placed Sprinkles on the sales list, this ewe lamb is staying right here.  The ram is for sale at this time but I really like him so wouldn't be disapointed to winter him over as a possible replacement for Zeus.  He is available however as a flock sire.  Very nice soft uniform fleece, conformationally correct, and horns are looking very good at this time.

 Violet's ram lamb will be best as a wether I think.  He has a beautiful soft dense fleece that is a dark grey underneath, but he has a horrid tail and is pathetically friendly.  Ideal makings for  a fiber pet or ram companion.  I don't like to see the friendly ones go in the freezer.  His price is $125 non registered ram to grow out or wether.
 Quchee's twin ewe lambs.  Both stunning.  One a fawn gul/kat which means every lamb that she will ever have will be a katoget or a gulmoget.  The other a brown based gulmoget.  Not sure yet if she will be moorit, or lighter.  She very well may be modified so fawn or mioget?  I think we may keep one of these lambs.  I am leaning toward the gully since I am so kat heavy...surprisingly.  Either way one of these fine ewe lambs is for sale for $350.  As with all gullies, there is a chance that they carry the polled gene, I do believe Quechee is a least a half poll.  The pattern tracking back to Roban Dillion, who also carried the polled gene in addition to the gulmoget pattern.
 Which bring us to the other half or full polled gullies in the lamb crop.  HarvestThyme Champ (mioget half poll) is the dad.  Olympia's spotted moorit ewe above, who yes you guessed it is staying here.  Hester's ram (yes I am going with him being recessively gulmoget despite people saying that is impossible).  I saw Hester lamb so I really truly know that this lamb is hers.  Since he is one of kind or fluke he will be staying for some test breeding, if not this year, next. 
 And Olmpia's son and yes he is as crimpy and soft as he looks.   He will also be staying.


  1. oh kara im jealous!!! lol love the gul/kat!!!

  2. I can't wait to see what Hester's ram produces one day! Lots of beautiful lambs there....

  3. Ooh! They're all so lovely!