Friday, June 10, 2011

Rotational Grazing

 Time to move the electro-net.  Sad to say I miss placed a roll or two.  Actually took them down and forgot to pick them up and now the grass has grown up and I can't find them!  So that is my job today move the netting and locate the ones that are missing.  These photos were taken this past weekend and they are ready to move again.  Here a few pictures of sheep I am retaining in my flock for the time being.  Yearling - Mapleton Silvermist by Zeus so some her half sisters and brothers are currently for sale.
Yearling moorit Can Too Sky - may carry the modifier from her mom who is mioget.  She will be bred this fall then may be offered for sale next summer if she gives me a true mioget to keep in her place.
 High Bid Hester and HarvestThyme Champ had twin lambs this year.  The single yuglet patched ewe lamb and this mystery ram lamb.  He will be retained for further evaluation.  Small "chips" for horns.
This grey ewe lamb has to stay, I just can't help myself.  Marshmello's other daughters, Peep and Sprinkles are offered for sale, as well as this lamb's twin F2 fawn ewe.

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