Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What has got your goat?

 Whistle and Watson have twin kids that are beautiful, one buck and one doe.  The Saanens are all registered or registrable.
 Lilly is 100% Nubain but has registered parents but has never been registered.  She has been exposed to Watson all spring but I never saw him have any interest in her.  However, there is a possibility she is bred for fall kids.  As you can see her dehorning was not quite successful at a few days old. LILLY IS SOLD!
 Hoping my vet had better luck nipping the kids horns in the bud, literally.  I am afraid I get quite uncomfortable holding them while she does it so will take the blame for Lilly.  This time I tried not to show it as much so maybe she had better luck and didn't stop too soon.

As I explained in a recent comment, and many of you know from the past.  I have always been on the fence about the goats.  I would like only a pair...if any.  I would like Whistle and her doeling to stay or Whistle and Watson to stay, OR I would like them all to go together as a group.  However I have to clear all goat decisions with DH, since all sustainable living animals are "his".  The horses and sheep are "hers".  As someone said to me recently, "but you are the boss of the barn."  Well I like to think so but maybe that is why I don't like goats, they challenge my authority.  :)  If you are interested any or all of my goats, give me a shout!

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