Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheep Math

Minwawe Pearl
I am sure you have seen the "Chicken Math" on some fellow bloggers' blogs, but today I was thinking it also applies to sheep!  I started out with 24 sheep, 20 ewes and 4 rams.  Sixteen lambed, giving me 30 lambs.  So up to 54 minus 1 bottle baby given to a customer that have bought sheep from me in the past.  We are at 53 right?  Well if I sell half my adult flock and two thirds of my lamb crop, it should reduce my flock size right?  It certainly FEELS like I have a lot for sale in my effort to simplify my life.  So let's see.   I keep 12 adults, and 10 lambs for further evaluation...whoa...PAST 20 again! 22! That means I have to CONTINUE to make really hard decisions. 

So a few more lambs may be added to my sales list...just not sure which ones yet.  In terms of lambs I think using multiple rams makes the decision making process more difficult.  Right now I was thinking of keeping two ewe lambs of Zeus', one gully and one kat.  Two ewe lambs of Champ's one possible mioget and one gully.  Three ewe lambs of Neville's, both of Peanut's moorit and black (maybe I should only keep one) and Marshmello's grey.  So that would be 6 or 7 and then I am deciding between 4 ram lambs...two of Champs both without horns at the moment so temping for sure, and one or two of the F2 Heights Orion ram lambs...I like all but really I can't keep them all.  I plan to use only one or two Shetland rams this fall and only breed 10 or 11 adult ewes, using a terminal Cheviot or BL for freezer lambs to back up the groups.  As a family member said to me the other day...then we will be less tempted to keep on keeping lambs.

Since I have decided if I really want to keep Marshmello's grey, I have decided that I should let my beautiful Pearl go. I can't believe I am saying that but I really have too many sheep!  So she is for sale with her F2 Heights Orion ewe lamb or Sprinkles, I want her to go with a friend. Add an unrealted katmoget ram lamb and you have the makings of a great starter flock!  Inquire for pricing.


  1. I love her color, I can see why you like her so much. Good luck with your decision making process, I've got some tough choices to make myself and I'm dreading it. Love spring, just hate the choices that have to follow.

  2. Thanks Kelly. This is by far my hardest year yet in terms of decision making. I honestly like them all but really feel I am pushing myself to my limits and need to cut back or at least not have my flock size increase each year. If we want to continue to have lambs and keep lambs it means making tough choices.