Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet my new F1!

ABA (Autumn Breezes Acres) Lava - an F1 Drum Jings

He is my only white sheep...but not for long! Next year I should have a nice mix of colors and patterns including white.  Marshmello may look white, but she is genetically grey.  Lava is white and carries moorit.  I may not breed many, but this guy will get a very nice selection of ewes in his breeding group this year for sure! 

Thanks Mac and Michelle for stopping by and leaving a comment the last two posts.  Mac, I hope you like Lucy!  It was great meeting Kim and Shelly, they are awesome, thanks for sending them my way.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holding steady...

Or trying to.  I had 6 sheep leave today and I added one.  More details on new F1 later with pictures soon!  But I counted my ewes today and I am down to 16 ewes!  Yikes, have I taken my flock reduction too far?  I think I will hold steady for bit.  So at this time I can put one flock starter together if need be, but mostly only rams and wethers are for sale at this time.  I have two really handsome ram lambs for sale, and several wethers.  Here are a few girls that are staying:

 So  in terms of ewes in my flock I have two black, two gullies, four kats, one gul/kat, three moorits, two greys, one white (genetically grey), one morrit and white flecket.

For rams I have one fawn gul kat half polled yearling.  I am wintering over 4 ram lambs:  One white Drum Jings F1 ram, three F2 Heights Orion:  modified black gully, one moorit and white, and one fawn kat.  For sale, one black and one grey.

So I am at my magic number of 20 if I sell both ram lambs, the yearling mid Nov., and  and all the wethers.  That is where I wanted to be.  I figure I will go into winter with between 20 and 24 sheep, and 2-4 goats.

Time to sit down and register and transfer all the sold sheep so if you are waiting for papers look for them in your mail very shortly.  That is my project for the week other than dealing with the water damage in my house from a faucet left on for 10 hours.  Don't ask, it makes me sick to my stomach to think about it!  Family member recovering from surgery as well so if I am quiet for while, you will know why.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Some sale pendings!

Here are a few leaving for new homes soon: 
Opal's yearling daughter is going to PA!
 Peep's ewe lamb is sold and is also going to PA.
 And Olympia's moorit gully daughter:
 Staying here in NY is Hester's yearling daugher:

Just a few flock photos: