Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Update

In my blogging absence, I am not sure there are many readers left out there, but thought I would post a long over due update.  I took the spring off from lambing.  Which while I missed the lamb races, it was a much need break.  I got my flock down to 16 ewes and 2 rams, and I do plan to have two small breeding groups this fall.  I would be interested in trading a Shetland ram late fall if anyone is interested.  I only have one Shetland ram left and a number of my ewes are too closely related to him.  Some of those will be bred to the Cheviot ram lamb my shearer brought me.  However, I am not sure a cross is wise for the yearlings that have not lambed yet, and their brother is my only Shetland ram.  Ewes not too closely related will be bred to the Shetland.  Meet the rams:

The morrit ram above is a F2 Drum Jings, son of ABA Lava now at Painted Knoll and my Mapleton Opal (High Bid Kermit X Minwawe Pearl).  He is really handsome, his fuzz on his side is left over from me rooing him, but supper fine and crimpy underneath.  I am looking forward to his lambs, he will get a small select group.  A few others will be bred to my Cheviot ram lamb for meat crosses.  Less paper work, less time emailing, and selling sheep sight unseen and stressing if people like them, and most importantly the sheep doing their part in our sustainable farming goals.  Meat lambs will be added to the meat chickens, feeder pigs, laying hens, dairy goats, maple sugaring, and large garden to help us eat off the farm as much as possible.  My husband usually puts one deer in the freezer each hunting season.  Where we fall short, we try to eat local products or buy from small farms with similar attention given to providing good wholesome food, raised without antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, and treated with great care and compassion.

I am really trying to have the farm provide us what we need without it being so overwhelming that I don't have the time to enjoy the hobby side that brought us to the country to begin with.  I really am trying to make more and more time for the horses.  The cortisone shot I just got in my knee will hopefully make riding without pain possible again soon.

Since there are so few "boys" in the pasture.  Here a few photos of the rest of the ones on the farm.
 My geldings:

 Oh and that rooster was supposed to be a HEN!  He has 18 hens in his (our) flock.

 Then FINN of course, not just in the pasture, but  since many of my visitors these days are GSP folks thought I would add a photo of him.  His favorite place is on the couch after all this running around the farm...only dog of the three who gets away with that.  He is very persistent and very cute.  Everyone around here wants to do another litter of puppies, but I think one was enough for my sweet Rosie, and me for that matter.  So I am trying to hold my ground.  Finn was worth the trouble though, he is a great dog.
So if you are reading this, I would love you to leave a comment.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!