Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updated Spring Sales List

Two moorit and white, yuglet, flecket ram lambs for sale. Sired by Minwawe Bahama, Minwawe Sprinkles' lamb on left single, and Minwawe Serendippity's twin lamb on right. I will get more pictures to post of them soon and by request I can email you more. Price $350 each. One SOLD, the other being RETAINED

Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Duet had this handsome moorit and white ram lamb. He has socks on three feet, a perfect tail, and the biggest build of all the ram lambs. All three have very uniform fleece all the way to their tails. (Under evaluation)
Cheviot/Shetland cross bred ram lamb, will be wethered soon if there is no interest in him as a ram. Gaining extremely well, solid well built lamb. He is offered for sale for $125.
Cheviot/Shetland cross bred ewe lamb, twin to ram above. Also well built and gaining well. Inquistive personality. Very crimpy soft fleece. Great for a cross bred flock or handspinner's flock. She is offered for sale for $125 (SOLD) alone or $225 with her twin.
Minwawe Bahama (Minwawe Two Spot X Minwawe Tropical) - yearling moorit and white HST. Proven, great horns, good manners, gentle breeder, wonderful fleece. I plan to use him extensively early fall. He is available for pick up end of November. His price is $375.
Minwawe Cha Cha for sale for $250 or $500 with her yearling daughter below. Both have wonderful moorit fleece, tiny tails, and carry lots of flash. Duet is halter trained. Cha Cha is a Minwawe Pan X Minwawe Dancer daughter.
Minwawe Duet is for sale individually for $ 300. She is a Minwawe Hopalong daughter that I added to my flock last summer from MO with the rest of my Minwawe sheep. I have two HST ewe lambs I want to keep from this year's lamb crop, so she is offered for sale. If she doesn't sell I will breed her again this fall. She is really well built and has wonderful fleece. She is very shy, but easy to handle once haltered. Duet will be joining S'More in PA!

I will offer a $25 discount on any ram when purchased with ewe. I will also offer any ewe as a bred ewe in fall for an additional $50, bred to the ram in my flock of your choice. Fleece samples of adult and parents of lambs available by request.