The amount of fiber I have is getting out of control!  Please inquire if you are interested in mill spun yarn, roving, raw fleece, or tanned pelts.   I have plenty here and more on the way!   I get attached to my handspun yarn so I keep that to knit with for gifts but would be willing to custom spin something for you upon request.  In the beginning, my prices were on the high end because of the exotic fibers (mohair and alpaca)  used for blending.  As with anything the more volume you have the more cost effective it becomes at some point.  I have enough animals that I don't need to purchase fiber to add to my own any longer.  Therefore, I am now able to pass those savings on to you.  I have a variety of blends and natural colors available.  Most of the wool used is Shetland  but limited qualities of Cheviot and Corriedale wool is available as well.  Feel free to choose a fleece on the hoof...I will reserve it for you.  Shearing is in March.