Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sheep for Sale

 I am selling 5 adult ewes this year.  Pearl (Ag grey) and Dessie (Black and white flecket) pictured above.  I am also selling Peanut and Sky both moorits.  Peep my musket ewe is going to help start a new flock with a few yearlings and lambs.

 Any of these ewes would go very well with any of my yearling or rams.

F2 Heights Orion twins

 Sale pending on ram above.

More lamb photos for fun.  I had a ram year so quite a few will be wethered this year.  If you are interested in a yearling or ram lamb please let me know soon.  If you looking for a fiber wether let me know as well.  In addition to the boys, I have two black ewe lambs still available.  I did decide to offer Marshmello's rams for sale this year.  Both are Ag grey and I am already keeping 2 Ag grey ewe lambs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is with the Weather?

Last week record high of 90 degrees.  Yesterday snow!  Today we have thawed out but it is still cold and wet.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sky's lambs bring decision time!

Last of the new additions are here and with that it is time to try to make some decisions.  Some decisions have to be made now, others can wait till later.  Let's start with the first pictures of Can Too Sky's lambs.  I will get better ones once they are out of the jug:

Okay he is moorit and possibly modified, and all those spots from two solid parents!  He will stay here a while to see how he matures.  With him here it is easier to let his fine fleeced handsome yearling half brother go:
I also have a keeper katmoget ram lamb from Opal to replace Sprinkles' yearling ram.
He is also extremely soft and consistently crimpy from front to back.  I am keeping his yearling twin sister.
I have not featured these two yearlings often because I liked them so much and thought about keeping them for myself so I hid them away.  With young upstarts in the wings now is the time for these two to make great additions to someone's flock.  There are unrelated ewes that they could be packaged with.  I am also keeping the gully pictured a few days ago, as well as the HST and katmoget above.  The two grey lambs are offered for sale below:
I really thought  of keeping one of these fine greys, but since I have decided to keep two grey ewe lambs this year, I have decided against it.  Both are stunning, so if you are looking for a grey F2 ram, both will be for sale or could be wethered for a fiber pet.  These ram lambs are half brothers to Mapleton Thunder at Hidaway Farms, and Mapleton S'More at Shepherds Valley Farm.  The mom to all is Minwawe Marshmello.

So the let's talk about the ewes:
 Sale pending on Cupcake's twins above.  They are cool!
 Dessie's ewe lamb above and Hope's black ewe lamb below are both for sale.  Dessie, her daughter, and the katmoget yearling would make someone a nice starter flock.  Giving someone a nice blend of color, patterns, spots, and are from different lines in my flock.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well it is a wrap!

Sky had her lambs so lambing is officially done for 2012! At 1:30 this afternoon she was quitely eating her hay.  A little after 2 pm I decided to have one last look until evening chores and there she was drying off two lambs, healthy, up and nursing in a blink of an eye.  Both beautiful one moorit and white HST (from two solid only spot carring partents) and the other black.  Just what I wanted...someone had just emailed looking for an unrelated black ewe to their ram (my other black ewe lambs are related).  I really wanted a moorit or modified ewe from Sky to keep.  I was watching from a far because anytime I got anywhere near Sky would stomp her foot at me, but I got a little closer for a quick look and then I saw them!  Horn buds.  REALLY!  SERIOUSLY! RAMS! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  Out of the last 4 ewes to lamb I got 6 rams and only 1 ewe.  For a grand total of  23 lambs out of 13 ewes, 14 rams lambs and 9 ewe lambs, 10 sets of twins and 3 singles.  Here is the kicker...5 of the ram lambs are black and 3 are grey.  All F2 Heights Orion and goreous but not everyone wants a big B ram, luckily some are Bb so someone might want them.  But I think I will be wethering the possible BB rams, except the yuglet mostly white and the gully since they both have a pattern to add to the mix and could be Bb.  Right now I am also planning on keeping the moorit HST and one of the fawn kats.  So that gives me 3 ram lambs to winter over.  All other rams lambs and soon to be wethers will be for sale, as well as all of the yearling rams.  One yearling fawn kat is spoken for.

In terms of ewe lambs, as of right now I am keeping Pearl's (grey and white), Peep's (grey), Hope's and Peanut's moorits, maybe Silvermist's grey katmoget.

So that gives us 4 ewe lambs, 5 yearling, and 5 adult ewes, to be sold.  Not  to mention a whole bunch o'rams!  Probably about 14, I think, give or take.  New pictures tomorrow!  No more late night barn checks!  Yeah!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures as Promised

Quechee's twin ram lambs.  Do you think the gully is lighter than his twin or is it an optical illusion because of the tan?  He almost looks very dark brown.  Quchee is modified, I believe, so it will be interesting what colors these two might end up.
 Hester's single ram lamb
 Silvermist's twins:
 Ram above and ewe below
All serious cuties!  The ewe lamb is up and nursing on her own and doing much better.  Still a little wobbly though. The vet did not seem concerned.  She reassured me sometimes large lambs that have a tough delivery sometimes take a little while to get going.  These three mama's stayed close to the barn door and were not interested in joining the rest of the flock, so it was a short first outing for them today.  I am falling asleep at the computer I am not sure how much sense I am making at this point so more tomorrow, hopefully with news of lambing being done!

Latest lamb info...

Pictures coming soon!  So on Saturday Quechee had twin ram lambs.  One gulmoget that is either black or dark brown, and one black.  Hester also had a black ram that night, a single.  Her daughter Silvermist had twin katmoget lambs, one ewe and one ram today in the wee hours of the morning.  Checked at midnight and 2:30 am and somewhere in between she had them.  Not sure if they are black or moorit.  The ewe looks black (grey katmoget) and the ram looks moorit based (fawn katmoget).  The ewe was not being attended to when I found her but after directing first time mom Silvermist back to her, she tried to focus on both.  Not very successfully, so I was able to milk Silvermist (good thing I have a dairy goat because I learned how well and this ewe is very tame and tolerated it) and gave the ewe lamb a bottle at 3 am and again this morning.  I might have a bottle baby on my hands as she is still not up and nursing on her own.  Vet should be here in a little bit to check on her.   I don't know how long she went unattended to or how she was presented.  She is BIG.  Only one more to lamb.  Still waiting on Sky and then I will update with pictures of  the newest additions.  I will also update my pages and sales list soon.  I think I sold 6 sheep yesterday and I have two more starter flocks to put together.  Make sure to speak up soon if there is something in particular you need.  I think, I hope, we will sell out quickly.  I have to sell fast, you know that if I wait too long, I get too attached and want to keep too many.  Maybe how my numbers have inched up there.  So quick recap.  So far 12 ram lambs (moorit, black, grey, spotted, solid, katmoget, gulmoget) and 9 ewe lambs (some spotted, solid, moorit, black, grey, and katmoget).  I am keeping 3-5 ewe lambs and 3-4 ram lambs for further evaluation.  So 12-17 lambs will be sold available at weaning (two sale pending).  I am selling 4-5 yearlings (sale pending on 3).  I will be selling 5 adult ewes (sale pending on one).  My sale pending will be official once I receive a deposit.  I will sell all five of my yearling rams before winter.  All horned available now.  The half poll available for pick up November 21st.  Reminder all ewes were bred to Swiftriver Neville AI so that makes them Heights Orion F2's!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thinking of starting a Flock?

Okay still waiting on lambs if you can believe it.  Since I have decided to sell all the yearling rams, at least half the yearling ewes, and 5 adult ewes in my efforts to control my numbers, let me begin to introduce you to some of them.  Let's start with Mapleton Peep and Swiftriver Neville's F2 Heights Orion rams.  Both pictured in the first picture, and then the black and white featured.  These two BOTH think they are head ram which makes it tense between them sometimes but both are reasonable other than with each other...sibling rivalry thing.  I was in with them for the photo shoot and all the rams are very respectful toward me.  All sheep are available individually or as part of a flock starter package. Multiple purchases or repeat buyers receive a 10% discount.  Buy 5 and the 6th one is free!

With dad in the fall.

Ewes he and his brother are not too closely related to:



Other ewes for sale:

Mom Peep
Half sister Fluff

I know some of those ewes being for sale may shock you!  I really need to control my numbers to make time for other pressing things in my life at the moment.  These are NOT culls and good homes are a must.  Inquire if you see anything you are interested in.  Yearlings available anytime.  Adult ewes or lambs after weaning.  Let's say July 1 to be safe since I am still waiting on ewes to lamb.  I will add them all and new lambs for sale on my sales page soon and as they arrive so check back often.