Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moorit, Modified, or Musket? (some spotted or with a hint of white)

Mapleton Peanut Brittle had twin ewe lamb this year.  This moorit ewe below has some flashes of white around her face.  If Peanut sells, I would like to keep this F2 ewe to be the replacement moorit in my flock.
 Then we have Marshmello's beautiful ewe lamb that is brown based with a dusting of white around her neck.  She is beautiful and very correct.  I have kept every ewe lamb Marshmello has had to date.  They are simply impressive.  This year I am placing on my sales list 2 of her adult daughters and this ewe lamb ONLY  because I would like a smaller flock size.   Not sure what her color is going to be.  Her sister is Ag but I am not seeing the sugar lips on her.  Light moorit like Sprinkles possibly or fawn would be my best guess at this time.  She is an F2 Heights Orion and seems to have her sire's crimpy fleece and her dam's longer staple, which I think has the makings a really nice soft crimpy intermediate fleece, which was goal at least.  She will carry spotting.  As a single purchase she is $350...with one of her sisters or another lamb there is a $50 dollar discount on each.  Repeat buyers also receive a discount (hint hint Mac).
 Pearl's ram lamb below is looking like he is going to be musket to me due to the light rings around his eyes.  I really love this ram lamb and think he will be an excellent flock sire.  Great looking horns, nicely built, good tail, flashy markings, soft intermediate fleece, and is an F2 Heights Orion.  He is SOLD and will be travelling to Cape Cod this summer!  Life's a beach!
 HarvestThyme Champ was a half polled ram I used this fall.  I loved his crimpy fleece and his nice wide stance behind.  Little Country and Windswept lines which a little bit of a contradiction in terms, but worked.  It was debatable if he was mioget as registered (he had a mioget mom) or just light moorit.  I think his ewe lambs out of Mapleton Opal will keep me guessing too.  What do you think?  There is definitely a hint of gold but will it turn to a true mioget, I guess time will tell.  These fine ewe lambs may or may not carry spots and polled.  I would like to keep one but that puts me up to 10 lambs I would like to keep for further evaluation and 10 adults.  I guess that brings me back to my magic number of 20.
So that is everyone...I think.  Many breeders keep the best and sell the rest.  This year I am really selling some of the very best in an effort to bring my flock to a more manageable size.  I may breed only a handful of Shetlands next year for purebred lambs, and the rest will be bred to a terminal sire for freezer lambs.  This summer may be the best time to add something to your flock from Mapleton Farm.  So leave a comment, email me, or call me to reserve your sheep and lambs!

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