Sunday, July 28, 2013

Planning for Fall?

I have some wonderful rams and ewes still for sale to help you round out your flock, inquire if you are interested.  My email is karamapstoneATyahooDOTcom.  We have Minwawe Pearl's twin ram lambs, by ABA Lava AI (F1 Drum Jings).

 Minwawe Marshmello's yearling ram, by Swiftriver Neville AI (F1 Heights Orion).
 Neville and Mapleton Opal's yearling fawn katmoget ram.
 Lava and Opal's ram lamb, a very handsome moorit and white.
I wethered the half polls so the moorit below is available for a ram companion, as is the fawn gully pictured in the background above.
 Peanut has two son's available and a daughter.  A white ram lamb by Lava...
 ...and yearling black ram lamb by Neville...
 ...white ewe lamb, twin to the white ram lamb above.
 Pike Hill Olympia's twins are for sale:

I would also consider selling Peanut, to help with numbers, but ONLY as a pair or group (her and her daughter, her and an unrelated ram, or as part of a starter flock).

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ram/White Ewe Lamb Sale

 I have some really handsome RAMS for sale, all F2 Heights Orion or F2 Drum Jings.  I have seen rams with this much UK blood for prices as high as $600 dollars!  I really don't want to see these rams go in someone's freezer but I am not planning on wintering over any rams this year.  I thought I would NEVER, EVER, undercut other breeders but sorry folks, these boys are too nice to be dinner.  So, I am offering them for $250 a piece.  I am probably hurting nobody other than myself, as I am selling them short of what I have into them, but I really feel they are flock sire material and want out for a while to give myself a break, so please inquire if you are looking for a ram for fall.  Other breeders, I am sorry but we all have had these moments and everyone has or taken advantage when another fellow breeder has, so don't judge.  I also have some stunning white ewe lambs still available, $250 each.  Two wethers available for fiber or pet homes, $125 each.  Dog pictured, Finn, not for sale.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

White Shetland ewe lambs for SALE

I have three beautiful ewe lambs currently for sale.

 Pike Hill Olympia had beautiful twin ewes by Lava this year.
 Twin one
 Twin two

Okay so I seemed to get a lot of good photos of Peanut's twin ewe lamb today, so I am including them all in this post.  She is Mapleton Peanut Brittle X ABA Lava.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Sales List - looking for a flock sire?

Okay so I told you who sold recently.  Thank you again Nadine and congrats to all the new owners!  Today I am going to feature all the remaining rams, all for sale.  They are ram lambs or yearlings.  There are F2 Heights Orion horned yearlings, F2 Drum Jings horned ram lambs, and two half polled ram lambs.

 Moorit HST ram lamb out of Mapleton Opal and by ABA Lava
 Fawn gulmoget ram and his moorit twin out of Harvest Thyme Quechee and by Mapleton Apollo (Olympia and Champ's son).  Both are half polled.

 Opal had a beautiful ram lamb last year as well, he is still available.  He is a fawn katomoget, by Swift River Neville.

 Mapleton Peanut Brittle has two sons on the sales list too.  A solid black yearling by Neville, and a white ram lamb by Lava.


I also have a yearling spotted ram for sale.  He is AG, yuglet flecket.  He is mom is Minwawe Marshmello and he is also a Neville son.

Then we have twin ram lambs out of Minwawe Pearl.  One is white and the other is a spotted black and white (no signs of AG).  Lava is their sire.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Recent Sales

 I had a nice visit from Nadine and Glenn from Painted Knoll Farm in NH, and Bob and Sue from High Bid Farm here in NY yesterday.  They left with six sheep and lambs.  Bob and Sue selected the white ewe lamb below, who happens to be the grand-daughter of High Bid Kermit.  Nadine and Glenn selected ABA Lava, Mapleton Seneca, and the yuglet ewe lamb.  They also picked up two adult ewes for customers of theirs in NH.

It was the hardest to see my pretty Pearl and Cupcake go, but they should be at farms where they can continue to have lambs.  Since I am reducing my flock and taking some time off from Shetland breeding, it is really for the best.  I will miss them, but am so happy I found them outstanding homes.