Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mapleton Rip Tide - reluctantly offered for sale

 If you are interested speak up soon or I might just change my mind!  $350 plus vet certificate if going out of state.  Setimental favorite so to an approved home only. SOLD!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Minwawe Bahama for SALE!

Yearling proven ram:  available after the third full week in November.  Price $375. SOLD!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Sales List!

 Two year registered Shetland ewe.  Missouri breeding, brought in last summer.  Minwawe Pan x Minwawe Riding Hood.  One of the last Pan daughters born.  Very sweet and solidly built.  Carries the modifier and is spotted.  Double coated fleece.  This spring had a wonderful mioget ewe lamb that is being retained.
$300 SOLD!
Unregistered Shetland fawn katmoget ewe lamb.  Very beautiful fleece, soft, long, with lots of luster.  A friend was going to buy her for her daughter and "board" her here, but since have lost interest.  So she is now for the first time offered for sale.  $150 - SOLD Poppy has been reunited with her twin, mom, and three other flock mates!!!  : )

Handspinner/4-H special $400 for the pair.  I like my ewes to go with a "friend" when sold , if possible.  UTD on CDT and rabies vaccinated.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


 This moorit and white ram lamb is still available for sale.  I was retaining him to evaluate his horns, but I think they will be fine, as they are now beginning to rotate outward as the curve continues up and then out.   If you do too and are interested email or call for more information.  He as the most perfect tail and bite I have seen on a lamb this young.  He is solid, square, nice straight top line, and has very uniform crimpy fleece all they way to his tail.  Rich moorit color, almost dark brown at the skin. SOLD!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mapleton Farm Roving for Sale

Mapleton Farm has a variety of natural colors and blends available in roving.  The wools include our own Shetland, Cheviot, and Corriedale.  The blends include Alpaca from Oh My Alpacas here in the Finger Lakes, and our own Angoras.  The colors are many shades of grey, taupe, brown, black, warm black,  creme, and white.  Prices average from 3 to 4 dollars an ounce depending on the blend.  Great for spinning or needle fleting.  Pictured are some samples below as well as a picture of some it hand spun into yarn:

LOOK for the arrival of our first Mill spun yarn blended with Alpaca, coming this fall!  Here it is waiting to be sent to the mill:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I need to get down to 20

I am thinking about selling Minwawe Silver Bell. My magic number is 20 for my flock and I am still a little over. So if she is something that interests you, let me know and I can give you some more information. I am retaining her mioget ewe lamb.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Sales Update

Sold: 2 registered ewes, 4 registered rams, one wether, 6 unregistered and cross bred ewes.

For Sale: one wether and one ram lamb.

Next year: There will be at least 2 adult registered ewes for sale, possibly a yearling ram or two, and our entire lamb crop minus 2 or 3. I will only keep as many lambs as adults that will be offered for sale. So if you think you see something that peaked your interest this year, please keep us in mind for next year.

Currently For Sale:

Cheviot/Shetland wether $125

One registered Shetland ram lamb, could be wethered for a pet or handspinner's flock, price is negotiable as I really just want a good home for him. Ram - is being temporarily retained for further evaluation as a ram.  Is available without papers for $150.   Special pricing if you take both boys still available. I'd like them to go to homes, not freezers so that is why they are priced as they are. If you can provide a good home then make me an offer, all reasonable offers considered.(SOLD)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mapleton Confetti - FOR SALE

Confetti is still available. $350 SOLD!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Availability Status - REVISED

Minwawe Cha Cha has been taken off the sales list until I find out the status of breeding Serendippity in the fall. The only reason I was going to let her go was because I had Serendipppity...but not I will have to wait and see. They are by the same ram, and out of twin sisters. Her ewe lamb is sold and is outstanding! Duet is not spoken for as well so I might just hold on to Cha Cha for one more breeding season.
Spooky's twins still for sale. Gaining well with extrodinary build. Priced to go as pets, crossbreeding flock, 4 -H project, or for handspinners. If they end up as feeder lambs, they will go in our own freezer. Ram will be banded this weekend for sure if there is no interest in him as a ram. Ewe lamb sold - ram lamb now a wether.
Other updates: sales pending on Duet and Bahama. Wouldn't know two people wanted Duet in the same day. Once a deposit has been made I will reserve those sheep for those buyers. Only one Moorit and white ram lamb still available. The grey, kat, yuglet, flecket is now available for $400 (SOLD , going with Duet and Bahama).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updated Spring Sales List

Two moorit and white, yuglet, flecket ram lambs for sale. Sired by Minwawe Bahama, Minwawe Sprinkles' lamb on left single, and Minwawe Serendippity's twin lamb on right. I will get more pictures to post of them soon and by request I can email you more. Price $350 each. One SOLD, the other being RETAINED

Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Duet had this handsome moorit and white ram lamb. He has socks on three feet, a perfect tail, and the biggest build of all the ram lambs. All three have very uniform fleece all the way to their tails. (Under evaluation)
Cheviot/Shetland cross bred ram lamb, will be wethered soon if there is no interest in him as a ram. Gaining extremely well, solid well built lamb. He is offered for sale for $125.
Cheviot/Shetland cross bred ewe lamb, twin to ram above. Also well built and gaining well. Inquistive personality. Very crimpy soft fleece. Great for a cross bred flock or handspinner's flock. She is offered for sale for $125 (SOLD) alone or $225 with her twin.
Minwawe Bahama (Minwawe Two Spot X Minwawe Tropical) - yearling moorit and white HST. Proven, great horns, good manners, gentle breeder, wonderful fleece. I plan to use him extensively early fall. He is available for pick up end of November. His price is $375.
Minwawe Cha Cha for sale for $250 or $500 with her yearling daughter below. Both have wonderful moorit fleece, tiny tails, and carry lots of flash. Duet is halter trained. Cha Cha is a Minwawe Pan X Minwawe Dancer daughter.
Minwawe Duet is for sale individually for $ 300. She is a Minwawe Hopalong daughter that I added to my flock last summer from MO with the rest of my Minwawe sheep. I have two HST ewe lambs I want to keep from this year's lamb crop, so she is offered for sale. If she doesn't sell I will breed her again this fall. She is really well built and has wonderful fleece. She is very shy, but easy to handle once haltered. Duet will be joining S'More in PA!

I will offer a $25 discount on any ram when purchased with ewe. I will also offer any ewe as a bred ewe in fall for an additional $50, bred to the ram in my flock of your choice. Fleece samples of adult and parents of lambs available by request.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lambing has Started

The 2009 lambing season has started at Mapleton Farm! Check the farm blog for daily updates of lambs born. When lambing is over we will decide on which lambs we are keeping and which are available for sale and they will be posted here. Our plan is to keep 3 ewe lambs and 1 or 2 ram lambs, so there will be plenty available to interested buyers. I expect at least 20 lambs. If you see a particular lamb you are interested in, speak up, it might help us make our decision. NASSA Registered Breeding Stock will be priced between $250 - $450. Unregisered and cross breeds will be priced between $100 - $150. Starter flocks will be available. Discounts on multiple purchases and 4-H.

Both Corriedale/Shetland ewe lambs SOLD!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ewes for Sale

Rosebud -coming 3 year old grade Shetland
Very pretty with wonderful moorit fleece
great for a crossbreeding program or spinner's flock
Available after her lambs are weaned
$125 or $200 with lamb at her side SOLD!

Check back often! Come March/April the lambs will start arriving and the ones for sale will be listed here. If you would like to reserve a lamb from your favorite of my ewes, let me know, and I will put you on the reserve list. I plan on keeping a few, but I can't keep them all. The ewes listed above are only for sale to give me room to keep a few lambs from this years crop. These two ewes have some of the nicest fleece in my flock and I might regret letting them go, but I am very excited about my 2009 lambs! There should be a lot of colors, patterns, and spots! Discounts available on multiple purchases, 4-H, or starter flocks.