Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brown Based Gullies

 Olympia's twins:  moorit (?) ewe and fawn ram lamb.  He is either half or fully polled.  Has small "chips" for horns.  He makes me want to give up horned rams altogether!
 Quechee twin ewes may also carry polled. I am wondering if the gully is mioget as she is lighter than Olympia's ewe and darker than her ram.  The gul/kat I think I would call fawn.  For the time being all 4 are being retained, as well as Hester's fluke gully ram.  I have some decisions to make about the future of my breeding program and if I do decide to go "polled" and I would need to keep all the gully's as the foundation of that.


  1. They are all beautiful; I would never want to be without gullies here again. Or WITH horned rams! ;-)

  2. The horned rams I have now are good guys but I have to say the thought is appealing. Thanks Michelle...I do love the gullies.

  3. I think I'd retain those sheep as well. Very nice, love the gully.