Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hershey my Corriedale/Dorset/Finn cross had her twins in Thursday morning.  They are 1/2 Shetland and are a ram and a ewe.  We had a tense few days but she has resigned herself to the fact that she has to feed them.  Unlike last year, she accepts them as hers and isn't trying to harm them, but would rather not care for them either.  She will not be bred here again if I can help it.  She had her first lambs at age 3 and prefers the role as Aunt that she had settled into at that point.  If anyone is interested in her for their fiber flock she gives a wonderful 12 pound grey fleece every year, and is available for sale after weaning.

Other updates (which will be outdated by the time I post this I am sure):

-10 Shetland ewes left to lamb.
- 6 ewes (4 Shetland) have all lambed with twins.  We have 4 ewe and 8 ram lambs.
- The puppies are beginning to walk, open their eyes.  Rose is still as super star mom.
- Picture  update below-

Cheviot/Shetland cross ram lambs.
 Sprinkles' lambs

 Girls pictured above and the boys below.


  1. great pictures kara!! all the lambs and puppies are soo cute!!!

  2. Hi Kara,

    What do you get when you cross a moorit/white flecket ram with dark grey katmoget ewe...a solid black ram lamb! I think the two patterns must cancel each other out!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Oh, the triangle loom book is called The Triangular Frame Loom Book by Linda Smith. The 2nd one is Patterns, Weaving Techniques & Project Ideas For Triangular Frame Looms. Not sure if this is current but her e-mail was and web address is Phone is 828-369-8383.


  3. Still waiting...which means they are all going to lamb within a very small window of time.

  4. I got behind on blogs again--wow. You have sure been busy. I'm not sure I could have stayed ahead with lambing and puppies! My four little puppy girls are now 'little dogs'. Can't believe how quickly now they are learning and growing. Love your pups, they are so cute! Do you have any spoken for yet?

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Some of the patterned girl pups are sold. One family are going to take a second if there are any left when they pick up their pup. So somewhere between 2 and 4 are spoken for. Just started running the ad in the paper and starting to get more calls now. I am behind on blogs too, I will have to go over to yours and see your little dogs! It happens so fast!