Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Day Out with the Whole Crew

 Olympia's ram lamb
 And her ewe.
 Hope, the only yearling to lamb this year, and her adorable ewe lamb by Patches.
 Dessie and Zeus' twins...kat ram and moorit ewe
 Oh and my favorite F2 ram lamb!  Carmel and Neville's.
 One of Opal's sweet twin ewe lambs.
 Pearl and Neville's twins, HST moorit ram and black ewe.
 Sprinkles and Zeus' ewe lamb.
 Moorit ewe out of Marshmello and by Neville wearing mud lipstick.
 Pearl's again...he is SO cool!
 Peanut and Neville's twin ewe lambs.
 Carmel and Neville's other twin ram lamb...he is very cool too.
 Showing his other end.
 Marshmello's other ewe lamb.  I think she is my only Ag this year.   And what prey tell do I call her markings!?
I took a lot more pictures but I will save them for another day...will be updating 2011 lamb page soon.


  1. What a lovely, colorful group you have. You MUST be so pleased with your lamb crop this year!

  2. Thanks Michelle,
    I do love the results I got! The hard part I like them all a little too am I ever going to choose? Are you keeping any this year?

  3. I don't know yet if I'm keeping any. Not either of the ram lambs; they have buyers. The two ewe lambs are "wait and see." Not super impressed with either birth coat, but I know those can change dramatically. Both are built nicely; both have a strong chance of carrying polled.

  4. LOVE olympias ewe lamb! Gorgeous! I would guess the lamb in question you could call bersugget... :)

  5. Thanks Rayna! That is what I was thinking for the marking so I am reassured to hear you think so too. Glad you stopped by! :)