Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a wrap!

 Well I think they have my timing down.  At 6 am I found Hope and Olympia cleaning off their lambs.  Hope had a black yuglet ewe lamb, Spring Hill Patches is the dad.
 Pike Hill Olympia was not to be out done this lambing season!  Twin gulmogets!
 One was perfectly dry the other was still in the sack when I arrived.  It took a little doing but she got the little ewe lamb up and going.  She has some white spots of her own on her face (again two solid parents).  The first twin you ask?  Ewe you ask?  Nope that little bugger with no horn buds is a ram lamb with a fleece that is unbelievable!  I will have to get some better photo of them now that they are dry.  Maybe even modified!
Puppies are growing like crazy! 

I think I need a nap!  Stats and lambing summary as well as more recent pictures of the older lambs coming soon.  How many did I say I planned to keep?  I don't know how on earth we are going to decide!  I would like to bring flock numbers back to 20.  So 24 adults going into lambing, and 30 lambs, oh I definitely need a nap!


  1. Congratulations,Kara! I was just looking over S'more's pedigree and noticed gulmoget there and I thought "hmmm, might we get a gully this year?" then decided to check your blog. Voila! Gullys! Our lambs are not due until Easter Sunday. I'm getting impatient and poring over everyone elses baby photos. Your lambs are very impressive!

  2. Thanks Linda, great to hear from you! Good luck with lambing.