Friday, April 15, 2011

More photos from Yesterday

 Hester and Champ's twins, ram above and ewe below.  Maybe modidied black and may carry polled.
 A few of the older boys:
 Left to right...Marshmello's, Dessie's, and Violet's.
 Quechee and Zeus' twin ewe lambs, gully above and gul/kat below.  May also carried polled.
 Cotton Candy and Neville's ewe lamb.
 Sprinkles and Zeus' katmoget ram lamb.
 Hershey's ram lamb below who she has begun to feed on her own.  I gave twin sis away to a prior customer for a bottle baby...she actually joined a flock that has her two year old sister.
 Dessie and Zeus' elegant moorit ewe lamb.
Okay I am working on my sales list and lamb thing for sure is that I will have moorit ewe lambs, black ewe lambs, katmoget ram lambs, Spotted F2 ram lambs, fully horned and possible poll carriers,  with a variety of soft fleece types to choose from.  Some adult ewes will also be for sale.  Flock starter packages prices available as well.  Inquire for more details or check back as they will be posted soon.


  1. Kara....can you e-mail me? I would like to talk to you about the Pearl/Neville ram.

  2. You have A LOT OF LAMBS!!! Tough decisions, they are all so nice Kara! I sold some of my original stock last year and it was really hard. Your so busy!!!!!

  3. Your lambs are SO sweet...good girls to give you what you wanted. :) It is hard, but at some point it has to be done. I am too busy so I really have to work on numbers...