Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Start of the lamb sales list...

...Okay I am not 100% sure who we are keeping but I have narrowed it down to about a dozen Shetland lambs.  I would like to keep only half or less than that but we will see.  So many nice lambs to choose from.  So I will start with lambs, like the adult ewes, that are similar to something we already have or family lines that we are heavy in.

~ Mapleton Peep's twin ram lambs F2 Heights Orion ~ 
For sale

 ~Minwawe Pearl's twin lambs, HST moorit ram and black ewe lamb.~
For Sale F2 Sale Pending....heading for the beach! :)
 ~Mapleton Carmel Apple's HSt black ram lamb.~
For Sale F2
 ~Twin Springs Cotton Candy's black krunet ewe lamb.~
For Sale F2
 ~ Minwawe Pearl's moorit ewe.~
For Sale F2

~ Mapleton Destiny's twin lambs, fawn katmoget ram and moorit ewe lamb ~
For Sale

~ Minwawe Sprinkles had twin fawn katmogets:  ram For Sale

~Mapleton Violet had twins, a black ewe and a grey katmoget ram~
For Sale

 Mapleton Hope's ewe lamb: For Sale
Possible poll carriers
 ~High Bid Hester's ewe lamb~
For Sale Reserved for Oaks Corners! :)
 ~Mapleton Opal's twin ewe lamb~
For Sale
So that is a start.  I wanted the folks that were thinking about lambs from me to be able to make their selections.  It may take me a while to make my final decisions.  I honestly like them all!  Not a bad problem to have I suppose.  Give me a shout if you want me to save you something in particular.

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