Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flock Starter Packages Available

Over the past few years my flock has grown.  I have keep lambs.  I have gathered sheep from a variety of states and brought in UK genetics with Neville.  I really love the results I got this lambing season.  Now I am faced with an interesting problem.  I like too many and I have too many.  So I am letting sheep go that I never would have imagined I would part with and offering some of the best lambs ever born here for sale.  I simply need to simplify.  I take care of all the critters here pretty much all myself, with the occasional fencing/tractor work or jobs that really require more than one person.  I have a few little helpers that help on occasion but really it comes down to just me.  I actually moved 4 rams the other day by myself.  Not the smartest idea, but they are all good boys.  I just got tired of waiting for help and they really wanted back outside.  As I have said with this many sheep, not having a herding dog is problematic.  I am allergic to most herding dogs. is time to downsize.  I have pups still left to sell as well.  A goat about to have her kids.  Spring sports season in full swing.  A garden to think about planting if it ever stops raining.  Working part time.  Would love to get my horses in shape and ride a little more often, maybe even go to a show. And yes don't even get me started talking about how behind on the laundry I have found myself again.  I guess I am just feeling the pressure of it all.  So that is good for you.  I am offering deep discounts on starter flocks if you buy 3 or more sheep. Please check the Sales tab at the top of this page.  Inquire for details and pricing.  Speaking of all that, I better get working.  I will leave with a few photos my sister took while she was visiting.
 F2 Heights Orion rams
Lilly is still looking for a new home.  Whistle's kids are due at any moment.


  1. I think that is the most charming photo of a buck goat I have ever seen! I do love Saanens....

    I'm glad I don't live close, because I would sure be tempted by some of your poll-carrying stock! And a puppy....

  2. What of your ewes has poll carrying genetics? If not I still like Bella, Sprinkles, and Cotton Candy. My email is Thanks, Voni.