Saturday, April 9, 2011

More ewe lambs and pictures!

This morning I was greeted with Mapleton Opal's new ewe lambs being dried.  Opal another super star first time mom!  These lambs are by Harvest Thyme Champ and DO appear to be modified (they are still wet in this photo).  Did I finally get my mioget?  Only time will tell for sure, but those golden tints by their ears and underside look promising.  Their fleece is VERY nice.  I knew I would be pleased with this combo.  One of these girls may stay, the other will be offered for sale.
 Then around noon Cotton Candy had a half grown single ewe lamb by Neville.  She appears to be black with a krunet.  Out of 4 Ag ewes only one lamb out of 7 is also Ag (Marshmello's littler ewe appears to be grey). 
And as promised, photos of  Quechee's ewe lambs!
Gul/Kat and gulmoget.  I am not sure if the gully is moorit or modified.
  Love her fuzzy poll.
That is all for now, but I have to go do a barn check so there may be more to report very soon.


  1. well i have been so busy over here and obviously so have you! Ok i have to admit I am very jealous of that brown based gully!! Quechee's ewe lambs are beautiful Kara! Its refreshing to know that my breedings over here have had wonderful outcomes and that you believed in what I had. I bet those twin ewes out of Champ will be modified. All of your lambs look awesome! Gosh you are like crazy busy over there!

  2. Crazy busy is right! Thank you for sharing Quechee and Champ with me Kristi. I think their influence will be very good for my flock.