Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo update and Peanut has twin EWE lambs

 Minwawe Marshmello and Swiftriver Neville's twin ewe lambs.

 Minwawe Pearl and Swiftriver Neville's twins...ewe above and MOORIT HST ram lamb below,  Ag black and black parents that both carry brown.  He is stunning!

 Mapleton Peanut and Swiftriver Neville's twin ewe lambs that were dry, had nursed, and family was resting comfortably when I checked at 6:30 am.
Peanut is a great mom and this is her first lambing.  The twins are big!  Actually all the lambs are big except Marshmello had one moose and one mouse again this year.  The tiny spotted girl spent the night in the house being bottle fed and warmed up...a BoSe shot and Nutridrench and fitted for a fleece lamb coat later, she was ready to go back to mom.  Marshmello happily took her back.  Such a great mom!  One of Dessie's twins is very delicate but she is mighty and her twin is a very sturdy boy. Updated photos of the older lambs next time.  On deck is Cotton Candy who was trying to lure Neville from Peanut this fall so should go any minute.  Kats Carmel and Opal, Gully's Olympia and Quechee, Hester and Hope to go.  We are at 200% lambing, first time mom's included.  There will be some really beautiful lambs sheep for sale.  Speak up if you see something you like!

And a post is not complete without puppy power photos.  The girl on the center left is sold and has a great personality now to go with her flashy markings.


  1. Oh, the puppies are at such an adorable age!!! Nice lambs, too; congrats!

  2. very cute kara!!! unique markings on marshmellos ewe!!