Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Shetland Lambs

What do you get when you cross a fawn katmoget (Mapleton Zeus) with a black and white HST?
 A solid black ewe lamb and a katmoget ram lamb.  He is really dark...I think black based and grey under all that brown but not sure yet.  Mapleton Violet had her twins last night during my last barn check of the night.
 And when you cross the same ram with a black and white flecket?  A fawn katmoget ram and a moorit ewe lamb.  Mapleton Destiny, a first time mom, had her twins this morning and is a little overwhelmed at the moment.  I am going to keep an eye on them...the little ewe in particular.  Dessie's bag is HUGE and she is being squirmish about nursing them.
 But before Dessie had her twins, Minwawe Sprinkles twined just after dawn and she was also bred to Zeus.  Just when I thought Zeus might not carry spots, this little cutie made me have hope...
 Fawn (spotted I think) katmoget ewe lamb and a fawn katmoget ram lamb.
 Before you say anything, the ewe lamb might just have to stay here with us.  This year is going to be really difficult.  I am very pleased with my current flock and am very excited about what I see so far in terms of the lamb crop.  However I am about at my max in terms of numbers, so we will really have some difficult decisions to make.  If you see something that interests you in terms of lambs or adults, let us know, maybe it would make our decision making easier.  All the adult rams will be offered for sale by the end of breeding season as well, so if you have a favorite speak up.  A few may be available earlier if I decide to keep one of their sons.  As much as I love Neville, I might just give him most of the ewes this fall and then let him join another flock late fall.  I would then keep an F2 son of his in his stay.

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  1. Oh kara they are all soo cute!!!!!! i love sprinkles' lambs especially!!! Congrats!!!