Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well it is a wrap!

Sky had her lambs so lambing is officially done for 2012! At 1:30 this afternoon she was quitely eating her hay.  A little after 2 pm I decided to have one last look until evening chores and there she was drying off two lambs, healthy, up and nursing in a blink of an eye.  Both beautiful one moorit and white HST (from two solid only spot carring partents) and the other black.  Just what I wanted...someone had just emailed looking for an unrelated black ewe to their ram (my other black ewe lambs are related).  I really wanted a moorit or modified ewe from Sky to keep.  I was watching from a far because anytime I got anywhere near Sky would stomp her foot at me, but I got a little closer for a quick look and then I saw them!  Horn buds.  REALLY!  SERIOUSLY! RAMS! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  Out of the last 4 ewes to lamb I got 6 rams and only 1 ewe.  For a grand total of  23 lambs out of 13 ewes, 14 rams lambs and 9 ewe lambs, 10 sets of twins and 3 singles.  Here is the kicker...5 of the ram lambs are black and 3 are grey.  All F2 Heights Orion and goreous but not everyone wants a big B ram, luckily some are Bb so someone might want them.  But I think I will be wethering the possible BB rams, except the yuglet mostly white and the gully since they both have a pattern to add to the mix and could be Bb.  Right now I am also planning on keeping the moorit HST and one of the fawn kats.  So that gives me 3 ram lambs to winter over.  All other rams lambs and soon to be wethers will be for sale, as well as all of the yearling rams.  One yearling fawn kat is spoken for.

In terms of ewe lambs, as of right now I am keeping Pearl's (grey and white), Peep's (grey), Hope's and Peanut's moorits, maybe Silvermist's grey katmoget.

So that gives us 4 ewe lambs, 5 yearling, and 5 adult ewes, to be sold.  Not  to mention a whole bunch o'rams!  Probably about 14, I think, give or take.  New pictures tomorrow!  No more late night barn checks!  Yeah!

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