Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sky's lambs bring decision time!

Last of the new additions are here and with that it is time to try to make some decisions.  Some decisions have to be made now, others can wait till later.  Let's start with the first pictures of Can Too Sky's lambs.  I will get better ones once they are out of the jug:

Okay he is moorit and possibly modified, and all those spots from two solid parents!  He will stay here a while to see how he matures.  With him here it is easier to let his fine fleeced handsome yearling half brother go:
I also have a keeper katmoget ram lamb from Opal to replace Sprinkles' yearling ram.
He is also extremely soft and consistently crimpy from front to back.  I am keeping his yearling twin sister.
I have not featured these two yearlings often because I liked them so much and thought about keeping them for myself so I hid them away.  With young upstarts in the wings now is the time for these two to make great additions to someone's flock.  There are unrelated ewes that they could be packaged with.  I am also keeping the gully pictured a few days ago, as well as the HST and katmoget above.  The two grey lambs are offered for sale below:
I really thought  of keeping one of these fine greys, but since I have decided to keep two grey ewe lambs this year, I have decided against it.  Both are stunning, so if you are looking for a grey F2 ram, both will be for sale or could be wethered for a fiber pet.  These ram lambs are half brothers to Mapleton Thunder at Hidaway Farms, and Mapleton S'More at Shepherds Valley Farm.  The mom to all is Minwawe Marshmello.

So the let's talk about the ewes:
 Sale pending on Cupcake's twins above.  They are cool!
 Dessie's ewe lamb above and Hope's black ewe lamb below are both for sale.  Dessie, her daughter, and the katmoget yearling would make someone a nice starter flock.  Giving someone a nice blend of color, patterns, spots, and are from different lines in my flock.

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