Monday, April 16, 2012

Latest lamb info...

Pictures coming soon!  So on Saturday Quechee had twin ram lambs.  One gulmoget that is either black or dark brown, and one black.  Hester also had a black ram that night, a single.  Her daughter Silvermist had twin katmoget lambs, one ewe and one ram today in the wee hours of the morning.  Checked at midnight and 2:30 am and somewhere in between she had them.  Not sure if they are black or moorit.  The ewe looks black (grey katmoget) and the ram looks moorit based (fawn katmoget).  The ewe was not being attended to when I found her but after directing first time mom Silvermist back to her, she tried to focus on both.  Not very successfully, so I was able to milk Silvermist (good thing I have a dairy goat because I learned how well and this ewe is very tame and tolerated it) and gave the ewe lamb a bottle at 3 am and again this morning.  I might have a bottle baby on my hands as she is still not up and nursing on her own.  Vet should be here in a little bit to check on her.   I don't know how long she went unattended to or how she was presented.  She is BIG.  Only one more to lamb.  Still waiting on Sky and then I will update with pictures of  the newest additions.  I will also update my pages and sales list soon.  I think I sold 6 sheep yesterday and I have two more starter flocks to put together.  Make sure to speak up soon if there is something in particular you need.  I think, I hope, we will sell out quickly.  I have to sell fast, you know that if I wait too long, I get too attached and want to keep too many.  Maybe how my numbers have inched up there.  So quick recap.  So far 12 ram lambs (moorit, black, grey, spotted, solid, katmoget, gulmoget) and 9 ewe lambs (some spotted, solid, moorit, black, grey, and katmoget).  I am keeping 3-5 ewe lambs and 3-4 ram lambs for further evaluation.  So 12-17 lambs will be sold available at weaning (two sale pending).  I am selling 4-5 yearlings (sale pending on 3).  I will be selling 5 adult ewes (sale pending on one).  My sale pending will be official once I receive a deposit.  I will sell all five of my yearling rams before winter.  All horned available now.  The half poll available for pick up November 21st.  Reminder all ewes were bred to Swiftriver Neville AI so that makes them Heights Orion F2's!

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