Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sheep for Sale

 I am selling 5 adult ewes this year.  Pearl (Ag grey) and Dessie (Black and white flecket) pictured above.  I am also selling Peanut and Sky both moorits.  Peep my musket ewe is going to help start a new flock with a few yearlings and lambs.

 Any of these ewes would go very well with any of my yearling or rams.

F2 Heights Orion twins

 Sale pending on ram above.

More lamb photos for fun.  I had a ram year so quite a few will be wethered this year.  If you are interested in a yearling or ram lamb please let me know soon.  If you looking for a fiber wether let me know as well.  In addition to the boys, I have two black ewe lambs still available.  I did decide to offer Marshmello's rams for sale this year.  Both are Ag grey and I am already keeping 2 Ag grey ewe lambs.

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