Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures as Promised

Quechee's twin ram lambs.  Do you think the gully is lighter than his twin or is it an optical illusion because of the tan?  He almost looks very dark brown.  Quchee is modified, I believe, so it will be interesting what colors these two might end up.
 Hester's single ram lamb
 Silvermist's twins:
 Ram above and ewe below
All serious cuties!  The ewe lamb is up and nursing on her own and doing much better.  Still a little wobbly though. The vet did not seem concerned.  She reassured me sometimes large lambs that have a tough delivery sometimes take a little while to get going.  These three mama's stayed close to the barn door and were not interested in joining the rest of the flock, so it was a short first outing for them today.  I am falling asleep at the computer I am not sure how much sense I am making at this point so more tomorrow, hopefully with news of lambing being done!

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