Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quick update during brief lambing lull...

Okay you knew about Pearl and Peep but I had to show you some of today's photos of their lambs:
 I am keeping Pearl's lamb.  Consequently Pearl is for sale, available after weaning.
 Same with Peep.  Keeping her ewe lamb.  Peep is for sale to make room for me to do so.  Her grey ram is for sale.  If no interest in a grey ram by May 1st, he will be banded, and available as a wether.  Her yearling rams are stunning and for sale.  They will be freezer bound if not spoken for by May 1st as well.  Black and white and moorit in the center of photo below:
The yearling katmogets are also for sale.  The gully yearling is being retained and will be used this fall on a just a few ewes.  I am also keeping Opal's katmoget ram lamb to replace the other kats and the other F2 rams.

So without further ado, the newest additions.  All black and moorit twins:
 Dessie's ewe black and ram moorit. (Wed.)
 Olympia's twin rams.
 Peanut's ewe above and ram below. (Thurs.)
 On deck:
I'd better go check on her!

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  1. Marshmello with twin ram lambs today (Mon.) and Whistle had her twin goat kids on Easter Sunday, one doeling and one buckling. All big and beautiful! Pictures later tonight...Sky on deck.