Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seriously Big Lambs

 Opal's son not even 12 hours old.  Both my yearling katmogets are for sale, but I may keep this lamb if I decide to keep any rams this year.  A katmoget F2 Heights Orion...you know I am partial to both and to have both in one lamb...
Not to be outdone by her daughter, Pearl had a large single this afternoon, but a ewe lamb!  I am think I will be keeping this one.  She is yuglet flecket, either black or grey.  I don't care, either way, I love her already!  Both Pearl's and Opal's lambs weigh about 9 pounds.  They are bigger than the week old lambs below.
 Hope's twins above and Cupcake and her ewe lambs below.

 As I was writing this post I noticed that my DH, who had gone out to check the sheep for me, had been out at the barn a while.  I decided to go check on him.  I was going to post how Peep pictured below couldn't possibly have a single.  As of 11:30 tonight she has twin ram lambs.  Both black based I think (black or grey) one with a lot of splashes of white on his face and other solid black. I will post pictures tomorrow.   Big lambs but I would not be entirely surprised if there was third.  They are in their own jug.  I will get a better look at them in the morning and confirm the colors, gender, and quantity.  Edit here:  quantity 2, color grey, and gender one ram and one ewe.  Peep is a mom that has it all under control, all by herself, so I feel comfortable leaving her to it.

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