Saturday, May 7, 2011

Puppies as Promised and their update...

The five puppies that have sold, their families check their growth here so this is for them!  On Thursday they turned 7 weeks and got their first shots.  My vet has a large and small animal practice so she made a farm call and did the puppies and horses shots and took photos of the sheep and puppies!  I dewormed the puppies the week before so they are up to date on everything they need before they leave.  My vet told me about the lime vaccine.  So when you start heartworm prevention, the test for that can also test for lime disease, and then you can have them get the preventative vaccine for lime.  She said that a preventative for ticks is a good way to go as well.  Either way she said they are seeing a lot more of it in the state.

The puppies are going great, eating Iams puppy food and going outside every chance they can for playtime!  Many are doing really well and are going potty outside a lot of the time.  We are trying to keep them out of my garden but the tulips are just the right height for them to swipe the heads off as they run by.  Rose is teaching them not to bite.  She gently puts her mouth around theirs and closes it if they bite too hard.  She also teaches them then when she barks a certain urgent way, like when two wandered into the ram pasture, that they better high tail it back to her.  It is fascinating.  She is not nursing them much any more but mothers them  in lots of different ways.  They play hard and then...

...come in and crash!  Now that is a dog pile!  Nothing like a good nap after a lot of fresh air and sunshine.  They will be 8 weeks old Thursday so they will be ready to go home anytime after that.  I am so pleased  they are going to such wonderful loving homes.  I will see you all soon!  I hope I can find equally good home for the rest.  They certainly deserve it!  They are ultra sweet like their mom and strikingly beautiful/handsome like their dad.  I will get more individual photos of the five sold later this weekend so check back if you don't see  your pup in these group photos.

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  1. That sure is a pile of puppies! :-) I don't know about you, but the 8 weeks with the puppies here went fast. One left for her new home last weekend and another will go this next weekend. I will be keeping two, plus of course the mom. It has been fascinating for me to see the mother/puppy interaction as well. Your puppies are beautiful!