Friday, May 20, 2011

Horned Rams for Sale

 Katmoget ram lambs looking good!  Mapleton Destiny's above and Minwawe Sprinkle's below (he is very square I just caught him turning funny).  Both by Mapleton Zeus. $275 each/ $150 as wethers

Mapleton Storm (Minwawe Bahama and Minwawe Serendippity) yearling moorit HST ram.  I am keeping both his full sisters, Destiny and Hope, so I feel I can afford to let him go.  If he is not sold by fall he will get a breeding group.  Price $300

Swiftriver Neville AI, Heights Orion 3 year old ram.  I REALLY love this ram and would like to use him again this fall, but if someone wants him before then I am willing to part with him (just means I will keep more of his lambs).  Otherwise I would like him to stay for the first part of breeding season, available mid November for pick up.  I don't plan to winter over any mature ram this winter.  He is stunning has wonderful hand to his fleece with very good microns, UK genetics,carries spots, and has a very calm respectful demeanor.  Price $350

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