Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pearl's Black Ewe Lamb

In this year's lamb crop I got three beautiful solid black ewe lambs.  All so much a like I have to see which ewe they are nursing from to tell them apart.  I better get them tagged before their mom's decide to start to wean them.  Hopefully this weekend we will get that done.  This is Pearl and Neville's ewe, so an F2 Heights Orion.  She is stunningly beauiful with a soft consistent fleece, perfect tail, correct conformation and I just love her wooly poll and cheeks.  I plan to keep one black ewe lamb.  If Peanut sells, I will keep her lamb as a replacement, so more than likely the lamb above will be for sale.  Her twin brother is going to Cape Cod!  She will carry spots from Pearl.  She is priced at $300.

1 comment:

  1. she is very pretty kara!! i like her a lot! :)