Friday, May 27, 2011

Assorted sheep photos

The flock making a case for me to move their electro-net as they see me approach the charger...

 Minwawe Sprinkles...this ewe is for sale ONLY because her daughter is her carbon copy and we are more emotionally attached to her.  Sprinkles is a fantastic mom and has fabulous lambs.  I am keeping her spotted katmoget ewe lamb from this year and her ram lamb is equally stunning.  He is currently for sale but if he doesn't sell he may just replace his father in my flock.
 Carmel's ram lamb standing and his sister cousins ewe lambs of Peanut's are laying down.  Peanut is for sale so I may keep one or both of her lambs.  Carmel and Peanut are triplet sisters...the ram is for sale.  I am keeping his spotted katmoget twin.  All these lambs are by Neville so are F2 Heights Orions.
Also by Neville...Marshmello's twin ewe lambs. The ewe above looks like she may be modified...possibly fawn...does not look Ag.  The ewe below is grey and I have to confess I absolutely love her.  So much so I am contemplating letting her replace Pearl as the grey in my flock.  I do love my pretty Pearl.  Maybe I will keep both.  Any sheep I end up with at the end of season I won't be disappointed in.  I really love them all right now.  The lamb crop exceeded my expectations and I am happy with my foundation flock.  It is simply about numbers.  I would like to get down to 10 adult sheep and a half a dozen lambs to winter over to select from.
That being said there are only a few that are off the table in terms of availability (and strickly for emotional reasons) and I will be happy with what ever ten I end up with, as long as I retain a variety of colors and patterns.


  1. Great looking lambs Kara. It would so nice to have everyone closer, but then again, road trips are fun too.