Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - Harvest Thyme Quechee

HarvestThyme Quechee
(Lil' Country Jedediah Smith X HarvestThyme Harriet Bee)
2009 black twin gulmoget smirslet ewe
Okay to say she is also a favorite seems like I am repeating myself, but it is true!  She is so sweet and her yearling micron was in the low 20's and that is with a double coated fleece ironically.  She might even carry the modifier because her grand-sire, Windswept Yankee Doodle, was mioget.  She is also a F4 Roban Dillon twice.  She is a poll carrier but time will tell if she is full or half poll carrier.  She was bred to Mapleton Zeus for her her first lambing this April.  She was small as a lamb but is as big, if not bigger, than many of my other adult ewes now.  I really see how having the extra year to grow is important for some lines.  When my shearer was here last spring, he said this yearling is going to have a huge growth spurt and he was right.  She is making me a little nervous now however because she  is big and round with 1-2 months to go before lambing, even across the top of her hips.  I am hoping she is carrying twins because I fear she is over conditioned if there is only one in there and I haven't even started to grain the ewes yet.  I really hope to get some gully lambs this year between her and Olympia.  A gul-kat would be cool!  Thank you Kristi in Ohio for selling her to us!


  1. She is very pretty kara!! i bet she is carrying twins, ive found with my ewes that i let grow a year have had twins their first lambing

  2. She's beautiful. Her fleece looks as if it has been freshly combed :-)

  3. Thanks Mac.

    Lol Jody...by the elements...rain and snow! :)

  4. Good Grief Kara, what are you feeding her? LOL She looks so good! I can't wait to see what she has! I was worried about the size of the lambs that year and even the ones I kept really showed much more growth this past summer. Thank you for being one of the "good and honest" Shetland breeders;)

  5. Hi Kristi,
    Can you believe the sight of her! I hope my little Bella is a late bloomer and does as well growing her second summer as Quechee did. Thanks Kristi, it is hard not to get discouraged, your kind words mean a lot.