Friday, February 4, 2011

Today's Featured Ewe - Minwawe Pearl

Minwawe Pearl
registration # S24953 if you want to look her up...there are two sheep named Pearl from Meadowwoods
(Minwawe Hopalong X Minwawe Buttons)
2007 grey flecket yuglet twin ewe

 I like this picture of her and Hester's daughter Violet, because it shows the range in fleece lengths in my flock.  Pearl has one of the  longest staple lengths and Violet one of the shortest.  The fleece lengths in my flock range from 3 to just over 6 inches.  From looking at Pearl I would have put money on hers being longer, but it is not.

Pearl has a double coated fleece, very correct conformation,  and is a very attentive mother.  Part of the original  Missouri 8, she is one of the remaining three.  I think she is so pretty.  She tolerates me, and secretly I think she likes me, but she is not one that likes to be handled too much.  She has had my least favorite and most favorite lambs to date.  The ram lambs below didn't amount to much as they matured and ended up as freezer lambs.  The first time here for a 100% Shetland, usually only my cross breeds are meat lambs but what is one to do with extra ram lambs...
 Her ewe lamb from the year before, Mapleton Opal, however I LOVE,  LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!  You will meet her soon, but here are a few of her lamb photos:
 Yes, I would say Pearl is a helicopter mom.  :) 

Pearl is bred to Swiftriver Neville.  I am really hoping for a beautiful grey ewe lamb or two from this pairing.  I think Neville's strengths will complement her well and improve her lambs.  Both parents carry brown and she has not given me an Ag  or a B lamb yet.  She could have moorit, black, grey, or musket lambs.

Well that is all the ewes that I have brought in from other farms.   Ewes from the States of PA, NY, MO, NH, OH, and a rams from PA and MA.  They represent 8 different farms within those states.  The rest of the Shetland  flock was born and raised here at Mapleton Farm and are sons/daughters of the previous featured ewes or retained from other ewes I have owned.  In a few cases I sold their dams to make room for the replacement lambs to stay.  I will feature the coming two year olds next, followed by the yearlings.

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